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Which is the okami warrior?
I think it's those guys at the fountainhead palace. The ones with bows, spears and swords, in blue/purple clothing
The laughing chicks in the palace. If you ever get a dodgeball kicked at your head with the impact of a train hitting a wall, you found them. Likewise if you nick them with the sabimaru and they vomit their breakfast out with just one or two hits, you found them too.
I'm currently farming the purple ninja by the Mibu Village Idol, great farming spot if you're that far into the game. Here's some info for when his page goes up: 784 XP, 84 Sen. So far the drops have been: Pacifying Agent x1, Gokan's Sugar x1, Contact Medicine x1 and x2, Lump of Fat Wax x1 and x2. Can drop 2 Fat Wax and 2 Contact simultaneously.
Man, how do you "farm" that guy? He's tough!
Easy dude, you just send stealth behind him and deathblow
Another good farming spot for XP/pellets and Soul Balloon is in Fountainhead Palace, just before the bridge. You turn back, stealth kill the Noble, go back to the idol, turn left, go on the roof, and then stealh kill the purple guy from above and finish the last noble. 2120 XP total in NG, plus 304 gold and decent drops. It's super fast.
Best farming for me as well. Just stealth and hug the wall. You can insta-kill him. Easiest 784 xp. Any time before a boss I go there to get to the next level.
if u r having problems farming him try with the whistle prosthetic
I'm on ng+ and still don't get how u fight those purple cancers. They always block, so being agressive is useless. I'm waiting for the attack that you can counter with a mikiri, but it only works sometimes. Sometimes i press that button and still get a hit. Those purple ninjas are my only weakness so far. Any tips?
Let them try to control the combat, but as soon as you can mikiri do it you are not two blocks and a slice from there demise
They are weak to fire. With oil and flame vent you can stun them for long enough to deal damage once they get the burn status.
You can usually get a hit in after deflecting their normal sword attacks. And being aggressive isn't useless, their posture bar fills up really fast.
If you can get in a shadow rush on them you can get 3-4 hits on them easily, that is the only real tactic on them that works for me.
step dodge on their air kick also gives you a pair of hits to his health bar
Deflect their sword attacks, sideway dodge their kicks cuz they have***** hitbox.
Deflecting their attacks helps ALOT when you know their pattern. That’s what this game is about, and they’re probably one of the only enemies that ACT like a mini boss
I found waiting for an enemy to run up to you then using Flame Vent → Living Force is a good way to deal with almost any enemy, even bosses will fall to into this trap.
They're annoying, but easy to fight 1v1 as long as you are agressive. Attack until they deflect, then deflect (not block) their attack and then attack again yourself. They charge up a kick, just wait a bit before miriki and then charge a stab after countering. Sometimes they sweep kick and with that you just stomp on their head. Don't bother getting their vitality down, as it's much faster to break their posture. I find it too hard to fight multiple, and usually run away at that point.
Como faço pra conseguir o fulminato de mercúrio?
It's been almost a month why is this wiki so bad? If this were Dark Souls by now we'd have the developer's name for everything, their hp scaling, weaknesses, unspoken contextual lore, drop rates, safe frames, birthdays and an attack list.



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Then feel free to edit it, is open to everyone.
what doth ye?
Seems to be a bunch of duplicated pages (Guard Type 1 vs Swordsman Guard 1, Guard Type 2 vs Swordsman Guard 2, etc.) that could do with getting excised.
What about those things that ambush you from the walls? You know they are killable right?
Any one know of a good way of dealing with those guys in the sunken valley that have that "shotgun" style weapon?
Dodge through their shot, attack twice, deflect their swing. Or run away and stealth.
The two nightjar ninja spirits behind the Hidden Forest Idol is a quick and effective xp farming spot, 20 second run that nets just under 1300xp.