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F to pay respects
My my, the coal of that percable giant
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How do I upgrade boss weapons to over +5
You can't. +5 is as high as Soul Weapons will go.
What if I told you my Oswald is gone? (I freed Lautrec and have been told he may have killed him)
I accidentally hit the giant blacksmith. He, obviously, attacked me but I escaped so he still alive. Any way to been able to trade again with him? I tryed to rest at the bonefire but he still aggressive...
Request absolution from Oswald of Carim on the roof of the Undead Church.
thanks for the absolution tip - works like a charm
"Strong, I am! Forge, I can!"
This page is missing ammo you can buy. The Giant Blacksmith also sells standard, heavy, and feather arrows along with standard, heavy, and sniper bolts.
For some reason he is does not sell ore in my game, does any one know why?
Progress further and he starts stocking more stuff. By endgame, he'll even have the twinkling variety.
Some people say that him and gough are brothers or something of such but again maybe not