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welp, im going to use Lighting Zweihander, powering up the Holy Cannon
This or the great sword
This sword is a favorite because of its high damage output, low weight, and great animations. I would venture to say that this is THE BEST PVE WEAPON IN THE GAME. This thing with raw, lightning, fire, or even dark infusion should easily pull around 500-700 damage. By far the greatest part of this weapon is its variety of animations and hitboxes. It has a VERY VERSATILE combination of animations, great for PVP and PVE. ..........-The large sweeping light attack is extremely useful for clearing trash mobs, and staggers most of them so that you can safely combo 3 together for a multiple kills. It is also very good at catching people that roll to your side, or behind you, if you react moderately. .....-Zweihander also features an extremely potent 2H power attack; a long stab with an additional hitbox generated on the right side. This attack will usually have a knockdown effect. The pure range of this move, coupled with the fact that it has a knockback effect, is amazing. ...-With all of these strengths it should be noted that the sprint attack is pretty slow and clunky.
Fire zweihander + flame weapon = BASS CANNON (Total AR 671 in theory)
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This weapon was so much better on DS1. On DS2, the Greatsword totally outclasses Zweihander.