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Isshin actually uses Ichimonji against you during his first phase (Not sure about the other phases). That's not good.
he uses Ichimonji in all his phases.
I feel like the video guide is wrong about not being aggressive. I feel like he is much less frightening if you try to be aggressive, makes the fight shorter because he doesn't always regen his posture and you can I feel better react to what he does. This video by someone on reddit did help me kill the boss.
Definitely if you're agressive, you can take him down extremely fast. There is a rhythm to his fight(similarly to genichiro) and if you get into that rhythm, the only real danger becomes lighting attacks(which is basically free stun and dmg to him anyway)
The spear did not belong to general Tamura as he gave that one to Gyoubu
Yes, it went from Tamura > Isshin > Gyoubu, and Isshin summons it again in this boss fight. It’s the same spear through and through.
I tried everything, most guides, mist cheese strats, nothing works for me. But, it is my own fault. My reactions and reflexes are too slow. I caught myself getting out of rhythm and starting mashing the buttons several times. That doesn't help. One or two times I fought like a god and parried everything and almost had him, but then again I lost my concentration again in the last phase and was down in seconds. This boss isn't unfair lads, it's just a fight of pure reflexes and concentration of oneself. If you lose sense, you lose the fight against this great, if not THE greatest FromSoftware Boss. I *****ing love him, even if I lose countless times. Because its my own fault.
Yesterday, I did it! Finally! I was shaking after the close fight. Amazing feeling!
you sound like Genichiro himself
Easily my favorite boss. It's such a magnificent fight, testing everything you've learned in the game. If you lose, it's your fault - you really can't blame the mechanics without looking like an idiot. Isshin is so cool as well, so I didn't mind dying continuously to him.
The spear phase he has might make him one of the hardest boss fights of all time
I love this boss fight,hard as hell,going on ng+ and going to face him again. Still not harder than Sigrun on gmgow+
First encounter: 100 attemps Second encounter: 1 attempt That pretty much explains, why Sekiro is a great game. There is no luck involved in boss fights. Its just your own skill.
Except the broken hit boxes and the broken camera and the rocks that turn invisible behind you and get you pinned to the wall.
Honestly for me, easiest boss in the game. Genichiro taught me well. I know that this boss is hard, but for some reason I needed like 5 tries, and I almost beat him my first attempt(if I wasn't greedy) I don't why though, I just read his patterns with no real issues, and it's more of a fight 1v1 than anything. Demon of hatred was much harder for me.


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wow, am surprised - DoH wasn't that difficult - he telegraphed like a mofo. Ishin however is a sly pos. Not finished him yet...got him to 3rd phase a couple of times...it's his first phase that screws me so far.
Biggest issue with Isshin imo is the f*ckin environment you're in. Seems like half of his attacks blend in with the flowers.
Weird flex but ok...
Fight him near the near bridge. Sword saint isshin is not that hard . Use umbrella prosthetic tools. First phase when he try to do ichimonji, just wait till the last moment and evade, then u can hit him.
I dont understand why everyone is bashing you, i had the exact same experience.
I'll second Hatred>>>Saint, but "easiest" is a big stretch. Divine Dragon says hello. True Corrupted Monk, Gyoubu too.
I got hit mid air by his thrust when I jumped off to the side.. I get that the tracking is godly but that felt kinda *******
Yeah sometimes hits are registered even though they're not even close in the animations. It feels like when they had a particular defence move in mind, all other moves are punished regardless of animation. The most glaring one for me was demon of hatred's palm rush which you're supposed to jump. So even if you jump right into his head you're fine but dodging so you're clearly out of the way you're toast. I don't mind the mechanics but they should make the animations tighter in certain places.