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I didn’t know about the purification ending but somehow I have 39 beads. How did that happen?
Screenshot showing this please.
I had this happen too. I figure you and I happened to do part of the purification ending and that's how it is.
You must have gotten the second bell from Emma and killed one of the minibosses in Hirata v2.
Before NG+ you can get 38 beads without the purification ending
Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer on ashina castle after overrun with shinobi is missable, you should get it before defeat divine dragon
The only beads I'm missing are from the mini bosses at the well, and at the Serpent Shrine. I'm at the endgame and I'm pretty sure they're in the offering box since its glowing. The problem is, the game won't let me pick them up and keeps giving me a message that the box is empty even though it's glowing. I tried resting at the idol and leaving the area and coming back in every way I could, but it's still giving me the message and not letting me pick it up.
The offering box doesn't have beads you missed sadly, speaking from my own experience. Gotta replay the game! (I missed the exact same two beads as you I think)
So lame that I finished the game with 36. I was sure I had them all since I didnt have any loose change.
Shouldn't it be better if you put Shigekichi of the Red Guard in the "Ashina - After set ablaze" category?
There's only 39 beads listed. Where is the last one?
Nvm. Miscounted.
Just saw a YouTube video Rage playthrough with a quick clip that most people are probably missing. Spawn at corrupted monk and go back into the house with the human you give spring water to that turns into a mist noble. Walk out into the opening, jump on the rock and 180° you should see a grapple point to the attic of the house. And the end is a few spirit emblems and the final bead.
Im missing one bead and have double checked everything. In ng+ now redoing it. The two possib. I come up with are either a miniboss fell before i knew that wasnt true kill, or im remembering fighting a boss that i never killed then lost the opportunity to go back. Only now assuming him dead because i remem the fight. Im leaning toward the first. Perhaps if anyone else is clueless as to where they miss one this will help with possiblities.
I am in that situation as well, I double checked everything, the only legit part of the game I missed is the lone longswordsman fight, but it is compensated through the offering box free bead, now i don't know what I missed, I literally did the purification ending, so idk where the last one is
For everyone here there are 39 listed not 40 the only one missing here is "Shigekichi of the Red Guard" he is an enemy in ashina outskirts after set ablaze
I'm pretty sure it's been there for a while now Ashina Outskirts - after set ablaze (1) 1x Dropped from Shigekichi of the Red Guard upon defeat, he is located in the courtyard past the stairway gate in Outskirts Wall - Stairway. Updated: 18 Apr 2019 20:29