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Battle Tested

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Recommended get attack power up to at least 12-13+ before take on him. Dance Dragon Mask FTW.
Red umbrella guys! It can block SOOO much of his crap.
Those hitboxes makes me feel like I am in dark souls 2 lol. Still a nice boss tho.
Forget dodging and forget deflecting for this guy. All you need is sprint. As long as you keep sprinting to the right (of him facing you) you are safe from vast majority of his attacks. Just get 2-3 hits in and then sprint right. What you need to watch out for is his 2-hit sweep followed by a stomp and the the sweep charge. Those will catch if you fail to sprint or jump in time. When he jumps back you can sometimes make it back to him in time to run under his attack and get a few hits in.


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similar strat for me. phase 1: circle anti-clockwise staying approx whips length away. Fireballs miss, when he whips run toward him on his third and punish for 6-7hits..rinse repeat. on 3rd phase when perilous swing, get away and stay outside the fire circle...save malcontent for last phase. managed this without dying and about 4 gourds left (took me about 25 attempts, must less than both owls and lady butterfly.
Hey guys how do I get sekiro to say sculpture once he finishes the demon of hatred and the yes to the princess at the castle
Boss can be cheesed by luring over to the corner where the cliff is then sprinting over to the guard tower jump on the roof then work your way back to the corner where you lured him to and he will fall off the cliff killing him instantly. For those that wanna easy kill.
"My dear brother..." (Laurence quote).
Oh, is that what RRRREEEEEEEE translates to?
That's a Lothric quote, not Laurence.
ah, i see you also speak the language of autistic screeching
Finally figured out what exactly you need to do to have Sekiro recognize the Sculptor. Most likely, you’ll need to complete Hirata Estate and ask the Sculptor what he sees. You also need to make sure you die quite early in the game, then eavesdrop through the hole at the back of the Dilapidated Temple on the Sculptor and Emma’s conversation while she collects his blood. Then progress to heal the Dragonrot. Might be a good idea to give the Sculptor his “tea” afterward. After defeating Gyoubu, be sure to speak with the priestess in the fortress where the Tengu of Ashina appears. Continue as normally until the first incursion by the Red Guard (after collecting the aromatic flower, the shelter stone, and the Mortal Blade, and prior to defeating the Divine Dragon). HOWEVER, if you are following the steps toward the Purification ending/you just want to fight Owl again, do NOT speak to Emma when she checks on the old graves just yet. First, head to the Dilapidated Temple and Emma should appear sitting next to the Sculptor, saying she often comes to listen to the sound of Buddha being carved. Eavesdrop from the back of the building again, and you should hear Emma telling him the Interior Ministry has arrived, and she will ask him if he still sees flames. Rest at the idol so that Emma leaves, then talk with the Sculptor. He’ll immediately tell you that it has to be you to kill him, not Emma. (This is why you have to do this step prior to speaking with Emma by the old grave—if you speak to her there, she relocates to the Dilapidated Temple permanently, and the Sculptor will not give this crucial dialogue if she is present.) Progress to the second incursion (after defeating Divine Dragon), and warp to the Dilapidated Temple. Speak with the info broker until he mentions that the Sculptor left muttering about the flames. Then you should be good to go! Continue to the Demon of Hatred, and when the boss fight initiates, Sekiro should address him, “Sculptor,” as well as some other dialogue during the fight, and then you can speak to the priestess and hear the alternate dialogue. What purpose does all this serve? Nada. It’s just a convoluted, but strangely satisfying, change of events. Hope this helps… Not sure if you need to give Emma any sake, but she does mention when you give her Unrefined sake that she “would want to kill a demon if one should appear.” I would have her drink it just in case.
(op) thought I should specify, it may not be that all of these steps are necessary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! (Eavesdropping on Emma and Sculptor during the first incursion and speaking to him after seems to be the most crucial step, though.)
The only things required are offering the sculptor one of every kind of sake before fighting the divine dragon
(Op) nope, tested it again on another playthrough. Only gave him the Ashina sake. Pretty sure the main trigger is eavesdropping on him and Emma after defeating Owl.
To all replies before me: I gave every sake available to Sculptor + eavesdropped emma & him after the owl battle. The hidden dialogue doesn't happen...
(Op) did you remember to talk with the Sculptor afterward? The eavesdrop is the key toward unlocking his dialogue where he tells you that he wants you to kill him, not Emma. Otherwise, it might be any combination of steps to trigger the boss dialogue, which is why I tried to provide all the potential steps I could. Some are probably completely unnecessary, like the info broker’s dialogue, but I’m not sure which are the most important besides eavesdropping after killing Owl. I got him the secret dialogue again on another playthrough, though.
Fantastic work
That feel when the game gives you a tool to help against a difficult boss, but you're already juggling a quick bar full of items and are on pins, needles and raw nerves from getting so close to beating a boss you've spent at least two hours on, and you FINALLY beat the boss... ...only to then realize that you never even touched Malcontent, or any prosthetic tool. Oops...? I think I earned my wings today!
Not really noteworthy of a pat on the back
"Not really noteworthy of a pat on the back" Unnecessary comment of the year award goes to: that guy! Congratulations!
Not worthy of a pat on the back
"Not worthy of a pat on the back" Oof, sounds like you're still stuck on him. Don't worry, you'll get him! Have you tried Malcontent? I've heard it can work wonders! Good luck!
Not worthy for a pat on the back. Did the same thing, feel nothing
Okay, buddy. Proud of you.
Both Suzaku's Umbrella and Divine Confetti are useful for this fight, just remember that Using the Umbrella's follow up attack will disable the confetti, though it does do good damage and you have a great opportunity for it on his jump attack if you wait till after the shock-wave.