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Wow, very intense fight. Loved it!
If you have the puppeteer ninjutsu before fighting her, you can pop a Gaachin's sugar and stealth kill most of the adds in the room. The mob with the big cannon in the middle of the room (in front of Snake Eyes) can be puppeteered to help. One cannon shot has a tendency to knock down Snake Eyes for you to move in for some easy damage. It is worth noting that one shot from Snake Eyes can kill your new friend though. Easy way to get through at least one health bar.
You can just run past her to the idol, rest, and then hide on the hand of the buddha close to the idol. She will stand in the poison, won't shoot, and eventually, die
This isn't Shirafuji.
You probably commented before the galaxy brains who run the wiki FINALLY *****ing separated the pages. All mentioned of Shirafuji used to auto-direct to the Shirahagi page.
cheese: kill the shotgunner and pull her, retreat to the high ground near the idol and make her stay in the poison. she will get poisoned and deplete her vitality; you will have to go close, do a few blocks and attacks for deathblow. do this twice
Do sneak strat to get stealth Deathblow and then you only have to do it once.
Their little kick is one of the most frustrating attacks in the game imo. It doesn't deal that much damage, but tt's insanely fast and has hyper armor, breaking your combo. Also having to stand back up everytime feels humiliating.
Use double ichimonji to cheese. Deflect first attack, double, then deflect and repeat. Easy win.


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Important note about this fight. If you beat Guardian Ape prior to fighting Shirahagi, the entire arena will change, and the gun enemies will instead consist of three cannon wielders. I can only assume that beating Guardian Ape is what triggers this. It actually makes dealing with the group much much easier
This is correct. Defeating the ape advances the plot. This page is for shirahagi, but the info is only for shirafuji. What gives?
Another cheese strat: kill the two gunners, then lure the boss to the tent next to where they stood. Get her to walk onto the top, and quickly go underneath and stand to one side of the tent. If you stand on one of the sides that doesn't have a ramp, she will try to hit you with her combos, yet every attack will miss except for the gunshots (which can safely be blocked as they will be the only source of posture damage you will be taking.) Between her combos, you can jump straight up and slash her either once or twice (depending on the combo used). It takes a long time because the jumping slashes don't hit hard. But it's safe, and was how I killed her the first time in NG and then again in NG+. Just keep jumping and slashing her after each combo and you can then go up and deathblow her when she is low enough.
Unfortunately the cheese method seems to be patched out, the second time I fought her she didn’t take any poison damage from the swamp even after chilling in there a good 4 or 5 minutes
are you in ng+? if so: her health has increased while poison-build-up hasn't, so it takes a lot longer on subsequent playthroughs
I am doing it now and it works, just takes an absolute age to kick in and then has to restart a few times as it wears offf. I am in first playthrough