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worthless as hell improve sen by 2
I agree, I would have rather invested those skillbpoints into extra attack power later in my first play through.
It improves by a percent, not a flat number. Test it on enemies that drop more sen.
Anon1: Because it also says it improves drop rates in general, not just sen. But not by how much and if it stacks.
It looks like this and virtuous deed together improve sen by 40%. Not sure on the rate for items but I’ve been getting a lot more since picking both up
I'm not getting any extra sen, I have both skills and I'm getting the same amount of sen from farming gun for as I was before. Anyone else having this issue?
Don't bother wasting skill points into this. I understand getting the first one for high monk, but you don't even need more than that. This is because over the course of the game you'll gather more than enough materials for all upgrades. Rare ones like grave wax and mercury can be purchased or reliably farmed in the endgame even without any drop rate buffs. In addition, you'll literally be swimming in money in the endgame and afterwards. I'm well into ng+ right now and I have almost 100k sen banked in money bags and nothing to spend it on. Losing thousands of sen will become a normal occurrence. That said you might as well pop those balloons right now since you'll never ever need them later
Edit, apparently I cant do math. Forgot large bags are 500 not 1000. So I only have around 30-40k sen but my point is still the same
I would VERY rarely get any pellets late in the game before choosing Most Virtuous Deed. Pellets became much more common again once I acquired it, which was useful since I had burned through the ones I'd stockpiled earlier in the game on a few late bosses. If you're having trouble finding pellets later on in the game, this skill alone seemed to do more for me than the possession balloon, demon bell, and first Virtuous Deed skill combined.
Dumbest reason to waste so much skill points and insanely not factual in pellets being a hard search. Yikes bro
Farming shotgun era and pike gunners at the gun fort nets a crap ton of pellets, which are useless compared to rice