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Does anybody know how the poise increase works? I still get stunned by normal attacks from enemies like the Pontiff Knights, even after the yellow glow and the startup of the spell
People on reddit have been messing around with poise and they think that it might increase hyper armor on big weapons
from forgot to turn poise on, so it does nothing for now
you guys, faltering prayer and the poise stat are not related in the way you're suggesting. faltering prayer is NOT effected by your poise stat, it is effected by what talisman you're using, certain talismans give higher poise when using unfaltering prayer. sunlight talisman gives unbreakable poise when using unfaltering prayer, but the best talisman to use for poise offensive is the canvas talisman since it has high damage AND a great increase in poise (sunlight has unbreakable poise, but less damage while canvas has less poise, but better damage and canvas's poise isn't bad AT ALL).
i said "faltering prayer" twice... unfaltering prayer*
Noticed that if you roll or jump instantly after you start to cast with this weapon art it still consumes FP,(just the amount for the Weapon Art, not the miracle) you still glow and it makes the noise of the cast. Anyone do any testing to see if you still get the hyper armor while canceling the miracle? If so it could be useful for weapons that don't have a hyper armor boost. I tried it with canceling WotG and rolling into an attack while attacking with my Dragonslayer Spear but it didn't seem to have any hyper armor effect. Perhaps i wasn't getting hit soon enough after casting. Let me know if anyone else out there gives this a try and has different results. If not maybe its just a way fake out PVPers, keep em on their toes before knocking them off their feet.
there's no way unfaltering prayer could be used in this sense unfortunately, it last for only a few seconds (literally just long enough to cast the spell). you DO get the hyper armor, but it lasts so little time that i honestly couldn't see this being used in any melee scenario :(
The best melee scenario for this weapon art is poise-casting Lighting Storm or Lightning Stake at someone who has the bright idea to charge directly at a faith caster.
How long does the buff hold? same *****ty 5seconds or even 10seconds?
I've notice that it only blocks one attack usually, and that half way through the activation of the miracle you will lose the poise but keep the glow.
So for example, if you use lightning spear your poise will last until your character goes through the throwing motion, but if hit while throwing your lightning it will be cancelled.
Lightning stake seems to poise through the entire move., but can still be cancelled with 2 hits.
yes i should have specified, didn't realize they worked to varying affect.
Are you using saints? It has the weakest skill. With regular talisman I can poise through at least two hits
Would poise affect this?


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the perserverance skill of Great mace and smough's 2h hammer seems to be related to poise, according to
No, this weapon skill gives you fixed poise just like perservance does. Only regular hyperarmor is affected by poise.


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After some research, I did find some different answer over the internet, I have not yet see any hard evidence, such as game variable value reading video, so ignore my last reply.


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no, see more detail here:
useless with low poise. At ten poise I get staggered by a dagger. Nice
poise doesn't have anything to do with the effectiveness of unfaltering prayer, you were just using a talisman with a low poise addition on arte use. sunlight talisman has best poise increase when using unfaltering prayer (seriously, you won't stagger...ever...), but not as much damage as other talismans (not to say its under powered, it's just not the max damage possible). use the canvas talisman for a great balance between poise granted and damage (it's the best offensive talisman you can use in my opinion).
Edit: Talisman is actually better than the canvas talisman at 60+ fth.
Does Sunless Talisman have more, less, or equal stagger resistance compared to Canvas Talisman?


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It has the most poise of the talismans
Why in the world did from think it was a good idea to make the poise in the art not go to the next spell you cast!?
When you use the ability, it casts the spell and activates the ability at the same time. So the spell costs a little more, but you get the loose boost for the spell
It does, if you cast lightning stake with unfaltering prayerand then immediately cast another miracle you'll keep the unfaltering prayer status. The thing is, there is only a set amount oof poise health. Both spellscount as one unfaltering prayer cast sny hits you took in the 1st cast count towards breaking your poise in the 2nd hit. This only works with Lightning Stake cast first.
Fixing errors: prayer and*, of*, cast, any*, 2nd cast*