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Cheap price too (but I'll get it with my first starting thief character).
not really a thief if you can't steal anything.
A ninja is not the same as a thief
If you wanna be a REAL NINJA, then you have to equip the shadow set, the katana, and pyromancy flame (for the ninjustsu, obviously...) and kick *** as a real ninja should. (probably not)
Says that it's sold by the Shrine Handmaid, but it's not there on a new playthrough. I don't even see it on my save which has beaten every boss. What causes her to sell this piece?
you have to give her ash homie
She sells it if you give her Greirat's ashes, It's probably just better to just buy it from Greirat.


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You could just buy it from geirat
you have to give her ash
If I have this on will it increase item discovery?
Wish there was a version with just the mask like the previous games, it was my favorite head piece but the hood kinda ruins it.
The ragged mask is sorta what you are looking for then if you want it without having the hood
I love the hood.
IIRC in Dark Souls 2, the option of wearing the mask alone was gave to female characters exclusively.
Lost potential here. Without the hood this mask would be amazing. It'd be easy for From to incorporate it as well. That ragged mask looks ***** and isn't even black anyways. Hope to see a no hooded version in the next DLC.
2 years later still no hoodless mask
ragged mask I think it was called? It just goes over the mouth without a hood.



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Edgiest head-piece in the game.
Guts Mask from the assasination mission where he killed the duke and his son
I checked, and your character’s mouth isn’t rendered underneath the mask. Your nostrils are, however. D E E P E S T L O R E .