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So, I don't have ps+ but I had obtained 4 of these in the DLC (3 from NPC drops and one from valtr surviving through the ludwig fight), and I knew you needed 5 to get valtr's helmet or whatever, and I also knew I could get my fifth from summoning valtr for laurence and having him survive that too, which was my plan, but then he died when I had almost killed laurence. I actually considered just intentionally dying too to try again but laurence had been giving me such a headache at that point I just said screw it and killed him to be done with it. Any way to get that fifth vermin without online?
I had like 16 of these for some reason and never knew what they were used for and literally never went back to bucket head. Literally just crushed them in front of him a bit ago. I talked to him after crushing each one. Spoiler? Kinda. Found myself fighting a somewhat easy hunter at the lamp near bucket head. But I’m assuming he killed the good old bucket head man.. poor bucket head