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This boss is actually a cakewalk, it's possible to arial deathblow her first stage (not sure the exact timing for this, I wasn't able to get it consistently) I assume you just have to get to the highest branch really fast. Then you have a bunch of time to get to the branch again and arial deathblow. Then all you need to do is spam her with firecrackers, attacking 2-3 times between each use.
Try to fight her without skips and firecrackers ebola,see then what kind of cakewalk it is,idk how people even enjoy cheesing in the game where the whole point is get good and overcome.
"idk how people even enjoy cheesing in the game where the whole point is to get good and overcome." Jesus Christ. Shut the **** up. Elitist ***holes like you are what's ruining this community. It's a GAME. RE-****ing-LAX
This is the strat I used, getting lucky with the first two deathblows. As for the angry person, please relax :) the game presents the opportunity, so this of all strategies is hardly a cheese. Good use of the "git gud" meme though, you almost baited me. Some of us have other hobbies and responsibilities that take higher priority than beating a boss "the right way".
Phase2: Shadow illusion combo stops if you jump to the highest branch. Furthermore, you can lock on and deathblow her right after.
Is it just me or am I going crazy? I swear you can hear her laughter in certain places of the game, or just randomly for no apparent reason. For example: just after defeating the ghost Ashina Elite in the Sunken Valley just before the pond that leads to the Headless. Once in Dilapidated Temple. Damn near constantly in the Mibu Village just to name a few.
I am not sure if it is her laugh specifically, but the battle theme in Mibu Village includes laughing in the theme itself. Its not ambient audio in the game, its part of the battle theme.
Her hair reminds me of the headless.
Why does this ***** have so much health? I feel like I'm doing it too early or something, but there's literally nothing else for me to do at this point in the game.
Had a weird glitch with her today (Ashina Depths). I mikiri-countered her and killed her, but instead of falling over and vanishing, the music stopped, her health bar maxed out again with no lives left, then she knelt down as if she was starting her cloning attack. No clones appeared, but she remained in that position for about thirty seconds, stood up, and the fight continued. I killed her again—she still didn’t die. She just kept resurrecting as if she was in her phase 2 in Fountainhead Palace. She was literally immortal. I have no clue what caused the glitch. I got there as late as I could, after having defeated Genichiro, the Guardian Ape, the Headless Ape, the Folding Screen Monkeys… It was maximum sp00ky.
This is happening to me as we speak, in NG+3. But I went there immediately after Genichiro, so I have no clue what causes this.
That moment when you thought the nightmare was over but it started the second phase.
Sounds like a bad creepy pasta. Did she hyper-realistically bleed at you?
Mist raven worked well in 3rd phase. Finally got some real use out of it
Its still useful for attacks that are too late to dodge
You can get 5 hits per firecracker and 3 hits per fistful of ash
If you don't cheese the boss there is a supereasy way to avoid the illusions in P2. Grapple the giant tree that's on the right side of where you entered the arena and place yourself on the branch and close to the treetrunk. Keep your guard up facing towards the cliff. The illusions won't reach unless they spawn right between the tree and the cliff (hence the guarding). Then you just wait for the original to return while taking the chance to heal up or use other items.
You can also just grapple from one branch to the next to remain indefinitely airborne, preventing them from attacking.


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manage to defend against those shadow versions by sprinting to one of the walls at the edge of the bridge and put my back to the wall, and full guard up. two would hit, but the jumping slash would miss