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"...those who are said to have gone beyond death." Sounds familiar...
"Armor named after the god of war."
Isn't this a huge topic in Dark Souls?
Wasn't Gwyn's firstborn a god of war?
gwyns firstborn is the nameless king so he must be the god of war or theres more than 1 god of war
the thing is NK wasn't even a thing at the the time ds2 was developed. And I highly doubt they even thought of Gwyn at that time. Remember it's aeons later after Lordran is long gone and forgotten.
Could someone show me a video on how to get this armor set, im a visual person.
you can get it as you naturally progress through the grand archives, you can't miss it. i don't have a video, but i hope this gives you some closure
Poise says 8.3 on wiki.

in game its 17.3