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There should be separate pages for Shirahagi and Shirafuji, just as there are separate pages for Tokujiro and Juzou + every other mini-boss that is shares the same model but is fought in a different place.
You can easily stealth one of their health bars (both Shirafuji and Shirahagi, though Shirahagi is a bit more difficult) and the rest is easy once you have the Iron Fortress prosthetic tool (iron umbrella), it completely negates their grab-and-shoot attack. You can also make the Shirahagi fight a bit easier if you lure him/her up on the shed nearby and place yourself lower. A lot of the attacks won't connect and you can just aggressively chip away at the healthbar or posture for finisher. The Shirafuji is similar if you get him/her near the edge of the mountain. Ar least that worked wonderfully for me
Btw, Shirafuji's range pretty much doubles in new game plus so be prepared to die a lot.
What I mean is basically you can't stealth her first heath bar.
It says that this boss is not optional. It is completely optional. Lol
You need to kill the one in the poison lake to progress to the Forgotten Forest/Mibu Village because of the fog wall behind it.
Shirahagi in the poison swamp cannot be poisoned with piercing sabimaru on ng+. Tested with fistful of ash to lay in full sabimaru combo, would not proc even after 5 full unguarded combos. On the other hand, it takes up to a minute for her to be poisoned in the swamp.
Edit: Most of the time she ends up blocking after the 3rd or 4th hit anyway, making it even harder to proc poison.
Am I the only one who thinks tha they are harder than some of the proper bosses, and that their Posture regens waaaay too quicklí? I mean, if you die once, under the time it takes for the resurrect/die choices to come up, they regen 80% of their Posture (tested, seen w/ my own eyes, enemy was 1 hit away from death blow when I died, and then BAM, the Posture went back to like 20% by the time I res'd). I mean, come on, man! That way, res or not, if you die once, you can pretty much throw that run out of the widow and die and start anew, because by the time you res, you'll be back to square 1 (or almost) and even if not, you'll have lost healing, and they... Well, nothing, except for ~20% of their Posture.
Yeah some of the minibosses are just straight ridiculous. Shirahagi is just a bore to fight, same goes with the water girl later on.
This ***** is *****ing unfair unfair without Kuro's charm. They just one shot you with grab / shooting. It's just impossible to kill them legitimately without cheesing on a charmless run. To cheese them find a cliff and make sure they are above you and you are down them, this way them miss all their attacks, after combo / shoting jump and attack 2 times. It only possible in Ashina Depths, can't cheese the one in Sunken Valley.
Can't really comment on the charmless part of it but even on normal NG I usually just sidestepped most of the attacks to get that vitality damage in. The shots are very well telegraphed (smoking barrel) and pretty easy to dodge from and the grab is also a great time to get a hit or two in.
Have you all vitality upgrades ? On my second NG run I had 9 upgrade and she didn't one shot me .... Almost but not . But for all those bosses and mini-bosses you have to play extremly agressive and learn to deflect perfectly (I learned it the hard way when I begun to play without the charm) . It seems that the umbrella will prevent her grab attack .
You have to parry her attacks then hit her 3-4 times when you have a chance. It will be over faster than you think.
The Wiki *needs* to be changed so that the Snake Eyes Shirafuji page AND TEMPLATE aren't direct relinks to the Shirahagi page. The enemies are incredibly similar, but *each* mini-boss has their own unique page even if they share character models and similar movesets.
This fight's biggest issue is the hitbox of the grab. It is a really bad hitbox. The fight is certainly doable despite that, but it makes it harder to judge whether or not you're close enough to get hit.
It's actually possible to deflect this "grab", so once you get the timing right (around 1.5s after the 危 sound) you don't have to move and you don't have to panic anymore.
>Deflecting an undeflectable attack Nani?


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How is it possible that a gentle tap of their guns deals almost as much damage as a shot right in the the face. Seriously they hit almost as hard, if not harder as the final boss.