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So... how did Sif leave the Abyss?
What should be added is that before he buffs himself he distances himself from the player. Usually by rolling two times.
In NG+ I went in with super light armor and was fast rolling and I got him really low without taking damage but then proceeded to get one shot so I went in with Havels armor and the Demon GreatAxe and proceeded to trade hits with him and I killed him in 6 hits before he could even buff


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I tried this strat out cause I never even fought this boss in NG because I didn't know DLC's came with the remastered, and the boss feels so ridiculously hard getting one shot without armor this heavy. I used power within, 3 humanities, with havels set and Demon Greataxe, and apparently with enough DPS you can stun him out of his buffing animation. I 7 shot him. I love you bro.
I feel kinds sorry for him. I mean, look at his arm, it's broken but still he's fihting, and most importantly, he even swings it, imagine the pain he has.
So we all seen how he drops from the sky basically right?...Well by the way he behaves(If he was corrupted by the abyss,it wouldnt kill a fellow abyss being)and how he looks at you then quickly at the dark around him.Its most likely he was visiting gough when he heard the dark creature,hence why he dropped from the same diretion gough is.Not to mention it would make sense the dark creatures blood helped infect artorias.The reason he looks alarmed at the dark around him...And why he looks at the corpse once more before being controlled by the abyss
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