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Killed the legendary O&S in four tries(counting the two times Ornstein killed me as soon as I entered the fog gate), spent a good week dying to this guy because his wonky moveset/buffs *****ed me over (or maybe just bc I was underleveled, at around 20 vit, had to deal with unbuffed two-shots). I'd definatly reccomend some notes on playing really aggressively and dodging last-second with him, since playing it safe allows him to dominate + the way his body flops around as he swings his sword makes you wanna roll early. Oh, and he can also definatly flip more than three times in a row, I've had him do it four or five times when baited.
Really disapointed with this boss. I expected a much harder fight :/ SL 89 with a Claymore +15, Artorias Greatshield and Orsntein full set (40/40 str dex). Just block his attack, side step left, hit him once and repeat. His wolf is much more challenging !
his wolf is *****in giant so its obvious that it's more challenging
at sl 189 on NG he is even easier. That was sarcasm. I don't think some people understand overleveling concept. At your level in Havel or Ornstein set you basically don't need a shield for that fight. You can trade hits with him gulping estus time to time as long as he wasn't able to do his dark charging thingy.
Everything is easy at SL 89. The first time I reached Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo I was SL 36. This what I call challenge.
Mask of the Child + Cloranthy Ring makes this fight incredibly easy. With that much stamina regeneration, you'll always have enough to both attack and block attacks, even when they come in rapid succession. Just drop your shield for a moment when you know you're safe and you've pretty much instantly got all your stamina back. I really do recommend just blocking instead of trying to dodge. It's a lot easier and you don't have to worry about learning the specific timing of all his moves. I used Silver Knight Shield +5 for this fight and it was all I needed. A higher stability shield would probably be even better if that's your style. I had 0 poise, btw. Not needed. Just block!
Filthy casul
That'd be a great strategy, if i wasn't doing a no shield, longsword only playthrough
Honestly one of the most fun bosses in the souls series, not overly hard but it was just enjoyable to the point of dying didn’t bother me as it meant i could fight him again!
iron greatshield is your brother
challenge: fight him with your weapon on the left hand, since he is using his bad hand to fight you
I'm willing to take this Challenge.
On my first time i fought him he was very challenging, but not frustrating. One of the funnest boss fights I had fought in dark souls 1
The first time i fought him, i had no trouble. Beat him in the second try. Second play through, he continually wrecked me. The only difference? Great Scythe v Claymore. 2HR2 Great Scythe closed the gap after every dodge where Claymore always seemed to be out of reach.