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So I have this equipped and my AR is 363. The actual weapon stats say 200 +87. I have no rings on with 26/30/45 quality /faith build. Can someone explain?
Arrows increase your AR, unequip your arrows to see 287
i like it
can you use this without having 19str? since it would be double-handed anyway? hehe. just making sure.



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You can, but what is the point? It scales mostly with str
running at Str / Dex , 28 /40 +4 dragonrider bow gives me total AR of 331, +9 Black Bow of Pharis AR 315, dragonrider gives me more AR at the cost of 3.5 weight and I had to compensate that with havel ring
Sucks they made it about a foot and a half bigger then the ds2 version