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During your second visit in Hirata, you can get a prayer bead from Jozou as stated - but NOT from Owl. The other prayer bead comes from a mini boss named "Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer".
that's right, changed it. ty for the name, couldnt remember
Hey. Think my game is bugged. I've looked everywhere and watched videos on where they all are but till can't seem to find my last one.
I'm in the same boat, 39/40 only one bead in the offering box and I've already got it, only missed one mini boss that i can think of so i think it's from that. went through every area on the list and still can't find the last one I'm missing. RIP (if you happen to find it though let us know which one!)
Seems a few miss Snake Eyes in Sunken Valley. It was the same for me because I just mobbed through that enitre area at the time because it sucks. I just backtracked from Gunfort.
TO ANYONE WHO HAS 39/40! I followed this guide throughout my playthrough, but towards the end I realized I was on track to have 39/40 but I couldn't figure out which one I was missing. MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK THE GUN FORT PRAYER BEAD thats after Long-Arm Centipede Giraffe. I had gone through the tunnel once before, and I was convinced I had collected that bead. Buuuut... I didn't. I had actually gone through the wrong way. After you go through the tunnel in the floor to the ledge, look almost straight up and to the right to the grapple point, and follow the points to the right. This assumes this is the bead you're missing, since its easily missed. GL
Thank you! That’s the one I missed too!
Thank you! Missed this as well. Very well hidden tunnel down there.
So how do you get to it? After you jump into the water?
All hail this unknown random dude for his greatness \o/
You sir is da man. I thought i had it, i really really believed I had it.
I *****ing love you
Thank you so much!
Thanks dude!
So if I didn't have Purification ending and didn't get bell from Emma that's mean I can't collect them all?
Yeah, You cannot
You need to NG+
You don't need to achieve the purification ending to obtain the items, but you need to go through the process of completing the requirements to eventually get the purification ending
Father owl doesn't drop it. The mini-boss in the burning area where you first met owl 3 years ago drops it.
"1x Dropped from Seven Spears Ashina rematch upon defeat in the Ashina Resevoir after Ashina has been set ablaze." This is incorrect. It's not a rematch, it's a separate miniboss. It's Seven Ashina Spears - Shume Masaji Oniwa.
I believe I’m missing the castle gate prayer bead in the attic where Tengu is, but I can’t get back to the area in the endgame. Path from Ashina Castle idol is blocked and same with Underbridge Valley. There’s also nothing in the item box back at Dil Tem. Crap!
ya ur screwed
You will have to collect that one in NG+
Maybe check the offering box?
you can get there again after you defeat the Demon of Hatred
Defeat the demon of hatred, or get it in NG+. Nothing to worry about.


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Killing the Demon of Hatred definitely doesn’t change something in terms of accessibility at all. wtf oO
I had 2 in the offering box at dillapidated temple when I got to the end of the game. I believe they are from 2 mini bosses that you have to face a 2nd time later in the game. The one I know for sure that I didn't kill is ashina seven Spears. Not sure about the other. But I was able to purchase them for 2200 sen each from the offering box. Not sure if this has been mentioned before.
The second one you missed is probably Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer. He can only be fought in the great serpent shrine after the shinobis have overrun the castle, yet before the caste has been set ablaze.
I'm doing the Dragon's Homecoming ending and you can still go to the second Hirata estate, it's seems as long as you don't do the Sakura ending you're fine to do either the Dragon's Homecoming or Purification ending not sure if you can get Immortal Severance ending tho
You can do questlines for all endings, they're all separate. You have the option to choose one of the three "good" endings after the final boss.
So if each necklace provides an additional 20% health, would the 10 necklaces provide plus 200% (as stated above) or plus 120%^10? Just wondering as the later necklaces seem to provide more health than the earlier ones.
I'm pretty sure it's plus 200%. Otherwise, your health would be about 6,2 times your starting health and that seems pretty unrealistic to me.