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*Guts' theme plays softy in the distance*
in defiled layer 2, during the startup for his lava puke, you can break one of his front legs to stagger him. they're much weaker than his hind legs and it will interrupt the lava
these hitboxes make no *****ing sense. why can't you dodge the horizontal sweeping bite by standing under him? it's like 8 feet away from the teeth. ***** off
ZeroLenny on YouTube used a Hunter's torch to defeat the cursed version, proving that the information regarding Watchdog being IMMUNE to fire damage is false. At least 2 damage was dealt per torch thrust, proving that it is very likely it has 999 fire resistance instead
What is this creature?



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Personally, I think it resembles a hyena more closely than a dog. Considering the hyena's temperament and tropes in folklore/mythology, I think that'd be a bit more meaningful in regards to game lore, as well. Then again, "Watch-hyena" doesn't flow off the tongue very well, so we can just stick with calling it the "Watchdog."