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I think this is one of the first fight from has done where they seem to completely set you up for failure. I did this fight right around the time i got the de-armoring spear, and died to him multiple times feeling like I wasn't doing that right. Even getting him to the point where I got the red dot and THEN tried to spear him. The spear makes such a big deal out of being used to rip off armor, and then this guy makes a big deal out of having impenetrable armor, it's a really bad way to go into the fight. I bet they at one point had the spear rip this guys armor off, and then walked it back because then you couldn't beat him without a specific item.
I've never once found an enemy that had armor that I could remove, nor have I ever needed to. I have no clue why they made such a big deal about removing armor when it never works for any enemies that you'd really want to use it on.
The armor stripping only works for armored Taro troops (like the one guarding the Abandoned Dungeon with a bell weapon), or the mini-boss during the last leg of the game of the same variety as Juzou the Drunkard. Otherwise, yeah, it was kind of a throwaway mechanic.
Throwback to the abyss watchers.
When I fought this guy, he didn't fight back. At all. He just stood there and let me wail on him until he eventually fell off the balcony. (It was most likely a glitch but I have no idea what caused it.) Considering how out-of-place this guy looked, and the fact that I had no clue what he was even doing in this game or who "Robert" is or was, and the fact that he just stood there while I hit him for like five minutes, this was the single most bizarre experience I've had in a Fromsoft game.



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New high-res detailed images added :)
When i pushed him he did scream "Roooobert"
Outside ashina castle you can find two guards talking about what i presume is the armored knight. They say something under the lines of "he hates wearing the armour so it comes off easily". Whats up with that?
They're actually talking about the Taro troop with the dogs who guards the door outside the abandoned dungeon entrance idol. This area is directly beyond these two if you keep going down the bridge. They are alluding to how the loaded spear can be used to remove the armor he is wearing on his abdomen. His damage resistance is much lower without it and it really shortens the fight.


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The definition of “You should’ve aimed for the head,” I mean, really Wolf? You can disassemble all of your opponents with surgical precision, but you can’t fit your sword through a large, gaping mouth hole??
I personally think this boss fight was designed as a satire of dark souls from From Software. One of the things about the first dark souls was how you could make that game easy mode just by getting some good armor and a shield as you could turtle everything. This boss is literally an unkillable tank that just keeps bashing you, the commentary being just how annoying that is.
Love the useful tools include gravity and that he is constantly talking about his weakness "I will never fall" and " Are you trying to knock me off?" Are both dead givaways