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I've no idea what this actually unlocks, the fort that the progression guide SAYS it unlocks is wide open regardless of having this key.
Directly after Long-arm Centiped Giraffe.
Ahhnnn... no.. it isn’t wtf
You get this key on the floor in the library in Kiro's room after beating gernichiro and talking to Icchin for the first time.
There's no need for this key at all. After beating Genichiro and folding monkies, you obtain puppeteer ninjutsu and can go kill the second serpent (that destroys the wooden bridge) and you're in sunken valley passage. but you access folding monkies after Genichiro and at that point, you have the key. There might be no need for going through sunken valley and fighting those bi...es. I think from didn't think about it all the way through.
Well it depends on how you made your way through the game I guess. It's not mandatory, but I wouldn't say it's useless. It's probably not the easiest route but on your first playthrough chances are you're not aware of that. It's like saying the Key to Depths in DkS1 "wasn't thought through" because there are ways around it.


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Tried what this guy said and he is just wrong. You cannot I'll the snake before you get to sunken valley after genichiro and monkeys.
You CAN'T kill the serpent without triggering it to attack you while crossing the bridge and to do that, you need the key..
This doesn’t work for me the only man never appears for me what am I doing wrong?
For anyone lost, To get the key next to Kuro after speaking with Isshin in his tower, If Isshin isn't in his tower then you need to kill the rats the Tengu ask for then go back to Isshin.
Lord isshin never appeared after I talked kuro . What didn't I do to trigger his appearance
go to talk to the tengu at th le tower near where you fought boss on the horse