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I may have missed it, but does the lore explain why Genichiro is immortal ?
Yes, when he revives during the fight at the Castle, Emma mentions the rejuvenating waters
Genichiro's grab is actually a backhanded ***** slap followed by a punch straight to the liver. Love the details
do not try the senpou glitch it breaks the game making genichiro despawn forever
how can i make him appear again?
you need to start a new game
To anyone who listens to music during boss fights, Genichiro has the same rhythm as Rats by Ghost. It helps!
I tried this boss for many days, and I have destroyed 5xkeyboards and 2 monitors.



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About the lore part, Tomoe is an Okami warrior, this is a matter of fact. Also Tomoe is her name(much like Shizu), not a clan. Okami is the species that she is part of, is just a matter of her ranking in the warrior society; most likely a purple garb since blue ones can't use lightning. The Floating Passage art should explain it clearly; she descended the unseen stair way (the straw man elevator most likely) from the palace to the world below, do you see any other warriors in the palace that are not Okami(besides the corrupted monk)? Also the skill's artwork clearly depicts a Okami Warrior Woman, just like those encountered in the Fountainhead Palace, I am really not sure what other proof you would need.
I think she's the woman asleep at the dragon's altar.
Very fun to fight, it took me half a day to defeat him with just using 2 gourds(big mistakes on phase 2). Because of this boss fight my play style changed drastically from no deflecting to deflect whatever attack you can. For anyone having trouble with this boss, try refraining from using gourds atleast in the first phase to help you improve as to remove the mindset of relying on healing items.
i beat this boss fifth try after my second encounter with his other form. he is not that difficult. and i'm not good at this game. No.1 Tip: always stay aggressive in his first form! force him to use a counter attack and deflect. the deflect timer is relatively forgiving. i staggered him out of 2/3 of his attempts to use his bow in close combat. easy hits. dodge his jump attack and you get some free hits too. or you can run around him on the right side and get behind him for some more free hits. only get your distance to heal up. stay aggressive, force a counter, deflect, attack again. No.2 Tip: in his second form i died to his lightning attack the first time. then i equipped Mist Raven and dodged all his lightning attacks. i don't know if i got lucky but i wasn't hit once. otherwise he's pretty much the same like his first form. stay aggressive and he's beaten rather quickly. Mikiri Counter his Thrusts and Mist Raven ftw!
Being aggressive applies to both phases as the only change is that he gains lighting attacks, but that itself makes him easier to kill due to lightning reversal dealing huge amounts of vitality and posture while stunning him for a few seconds.
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Incomplete phase 1 moveset. He possesses a move in the first stage of the Ashina Castle fight where he will do an air jump attack followed immediately by a perilous thrust(common in the first health bar) or perilous sweep(common in the second health bar) attack and the sweep can EASILY catch you trying to jump over it after deflecting the jump attack.
Is using the loaded umbrella with projected force any good? Just thinking it might help with the arrows. Hopefully I can defeat him within my first 50 tries but I’m not hopeful lol
Mist raven is better since it helps you close the distance and you wont sustain posture damage.