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Can you kill the carp with your sword in the water cave and does this get you another item?
No. Only way is to feed it the truly precious bait.
> he doesn't want the great carp to get fat He is already pretty fat for my tastes lol
imagine the amount of sushi u can make from him
After giving the Truly Precious Bait to the Great Colored Carp, I got the whisker from the headless ape location. I think gave the whisker to the Caretaker before receiving the 4 Treasure Carp Scales. After resting the Caretaker is dead and there is a bag floating within his corpse that I assume contains the 4 Treasure Carp Scales but I can't loot the bag because it appears to be floating to high. Am I screwed as far as getting those 4 Treasure Carp Scales?
Hold X down to suck up the loot you silly boy
you're gonna need a bigger boat
How did it get in the watering hole?
Eat yummy snak den jump down da wata fall
This ain't a feckin boss
This ain't a feckin baus. This a very large and deadly NPC
The carps attack isnt a one-shot, its just high damage. I had 8 prayer necklaces and was able to get hit and survive. There was also enough time between attacks for me to heal to full health again and swim further in and repeat until i was past him
I feel like it must have multiple attacks, or maybe a check that insta-kills if you have less than a certain max health, because I got insta-killed with, ehm, some elite gamer cheats that made me take 1% damage.


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*****in b00n
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you've got me there, fam
Great colored sushi
This shouldn't be considered a boss imo, just like the great serpent.
Why? It's a puzzle boss. It took me about 3 hours of searching the map, reading item descriptions, and (luckily) misunderstanding a note that I read to complete this puzzle.
So why is it a puzzle BOSS but not a puzzle ENEMY? What is the distinction for you?