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Owl can have a spirit animal but we can't have a Spirit Wolf. I call that bull*****
His overhead strike wind up was a stroke of inspiration. He responds to what you do. Stay in front of him? He brings the sword down. Dodge behind him? He brings down the sword and sweeps while turning. Back away? He will suddenly leap to close the gap and strike you. I want to see more stuff like this in boss fights, where the boss is not locked into an animation and can respond to your moves during the middle of an animation/combo.
they have this in Ds3 Champion Gundyr. where he has two or three combos designed specifically to counter you when you are at his back or side when he is doing a combo
I'm glad other people are noticing this too. It is really impressive. And makes fights a lot more challenging.
Had a lot of trouble with his gunpowder, especially when you're up against the wall. Luckily, I found that Mist Raven works really well for those kinds of situations.
Best advice for this fight, be patient and react properly to his moves as opposed to being aggressive in his first fight. For example, the overhead slash after a sweep perilous shouldn't be dodged or avoided, he changes it up to a jump slash if far away or a ground sweep when strafed behind but will net about four or five hits if done properly (1-2 slashes while holding sword up, 2-3 after dropping). There are also some risky but rewarding (2-4 hits) dodges like with the gunpowder after the combo and if you deflect his shuriken in his shuriken to heavy slash dash, both requiring perfect timing. Both perilous attacks are easy to read, if he's in your phase, he'll never thrust, if his far away, he'll run in to sweep attack first. The second phase flaming owl throw is the best punish for the mikiri counter, keep a relatively medium range, jump over the owl, and just wait for his thrust attack. Great fight, really tense and very ninja vs ninja like.
The first time I fought this guy I thought he was almost impossible, but now after change one tactic I feel like he isn't that hard. Which is that you should be jumping more than dodging in this fight. His lunge attack is always telegraphed after the owl or the firecrackers. Other than that you should only be blocking or getting ready to jump when he does his sweep attack or throws firecrackers. If you jump on every firecracker you either miss his swipe or have enough time for an upcoming mirikiri for his lunge. Check out the fextralife video. Hope that helps some people.


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May want to add Divine Confetti as a weakness. The confetti buff (and the living force buff from the divine flame vent) allows you to deal chip damage to Father every time he blocks one of your attacks. Just tried this on NG+ #1 first phase.
Don't have proof of it, but Owl can mikiri counter your thrust attacks. Can someone test it further.


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He did, about to thrust him, then he did mikari counter beautifully....
Yeah, if you thrust attack in front of him, he'll mikiri counter you. If done from behind, he won't counter you.
Can confirm, when I first fought him, I would follow up a mikiri counter with a thrust attack, and it eventually caused a WTF moment when he first pulled it off. Overall, I would estimate that a thrust attack has ~20% chance of him countering, at least after you mikiri him. Can't speak for outside that situation though.
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He has a unique aerial deathblow animation after you break his posture by jumping. It’s similar to backstabbing samurai generals, but more flippy.
I found Owl to have the classic learning curve. He seemed impossible at first but I slowly got better then once I got to the second phase regularly it came pretty quick. A couple of things that helped me. Mortal Draw is great for getting good damage in after the Overhead strike or the flip strike. The reach is good so even if you’re a little out of position it still connects. Second it’s really helpful to dodge into the firecrackers. You have to be pretty close but if you are you end up in a good position to get some strikes in.