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so what is up with all the one-armed bosses and NPCs in this game? it's something i still don't get completely. one armed wolf, one armed sculptor, one armed dragon, one armed purple enemies, one armed black hooded enemies.... are all the one armed enemies actually Sekiro himself? is something here only happening in his head?
Theory I guess but the Divine Dragon is missing an arm because a branch was broken off the sakura tree by the Owl, which represents the dragon and his lost arm.
Thematic cohesion. Funnily enough though the purple ninja enemies only look like they have one arm. Their left arm is actually tucked under their shawl, with the hand resting on their hip.
The Sculptor mentions that Isshin was the one who severed his arm, to prevent him from becoming Shura. The amputation of the arm seems to be an attempt to “humble” a person, so that they don’t overstep their bounds and become a killing machine. However, it becomes apparent later that this method is actually counterintuitive, as the Sculptor becomes a “vessel” for hatred, transforming him into a demon. Furthermore, the Shinobi Prosthetic that replaces the lost arm allows for even more efficient carnage, which is what allows Sekiro to potentially become Shura. This theme of self-disfigurement was also prevalent in Bloodborne, where people either blinded themselves or double-wrapped their leg following a superstition—one that Gehrman so strongly believed that he amputated his own leg. Likewise, the lack of vision removed fear, and along with it any sense of justice. The belief that wrapping the leg prevented beast blood gave hunters an excuse to continue killing without abandon. As such, Sekiro is the product of Isshin and Dogen’s subconscious effort to create an amoral war machine. But back to the dragon, the reason it’s missing a limb is because it symbolizes the humility that’s supposed to come from imperfection. I also like the other Anon’s statement about the plucked Everblossom branch.
only sculptor and the dragon are other characters with one arm. the enemy types only look like they have one arm because they hide it under their cowl. they use their left hand to throw knives/shurikens, that is why they hide it, to surprise their enemies
Yeah, the "lone shadows" dont have one hand. They just fight with their right hand sword and reenforced leggings. The main exception is the whirlte hooded variants that use poison blades wielded in their left hand. Being ninjas it's likely a strategy meant to distract from the poison.
Spoiler alert: the default ending makes an even bigger connection between Sekiro and the Sculptor.
You can basically block all of his phase 2 attacks using the umbrella
Also phase 3
Just block them the manly way. EZ
easy fight, great spectacle tho
Very easy fight but god damn is it the most beautiful looking dragon in all of Japanese Mythology games.
Hideyoshi did try to invade Korea after Nobunaga died, and that was shortly after the end of the Sengoku-Jidai. So, could be.
What key to the tree for lightning with a mouse and keyboard
same key as grappling
This boss was a nice aesthetically pleasing simple fight after the cancerous fountainhead palace area...nice on from for rewarding us where it counts.
the only boss I wish had another bar.
Divine Dragon Remnant describes it as being from the West. Its sword-wielding hand has 4 fingers, which is indicative of it being a Korean dragon. If intentional, it's excellent attention to detail and could possibly (and I'm reaching here) hint at some DLC or sequel destinations.
The "West" in Shinto also refers to "The Heavens" or a Divine Realm of some sorts. It might be refering to a geographical location but I'm more inclined to believe that it refers to a spiritual realm.
This game seems to have much more of a focus on Buddhism instead of Shinto, though, and Buddhism was originally introduced to Japan through the Korean kingdom of Baekje.
Couldn't find anything about korean dragons wielding swords though...
This battle is the true definition of "beautiful". I found this boss more like a dance, a theatre play. The music, the atmosphere, the dragon. Perfection.
The easiest and still the mpst amazing boss fight in this game.