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"But not nearly enough to allow an ordinary man to stand any real chance against the beasts."

Has arguably the best overall defense of any set of Attire in the game.
I think what the description is saying is that the set is only useful for Hunters and not normal human beings.

It might just be making a point to new players that but hulking armour
sets are not as important as they are in Dark Souls.
Because you're not an ordinary man
They’re not superhumans and they’re just wearing light armor.
Lookswise, this is easily my favorite set.
Both gender versions of this are top notch fashion souls, although the female version in particular is amazing imo.
This is literally the only thing in the entire game that will make me play a female character. The male version of this set looks stupid, but that female version is so *****ing cool. Use the Hunter's Cap instead for maximum badass.
Combine this with gascoine hat and some cowboy shoes. Ta dah!!!
The main attire set of my female hunter. It's cool.