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I chose not to weaken the doctor. When he tried to control Lohse during the fight, nothing happened! Because she had the buff Permafrost on her (from the spell Cryogenic Stasis, that makes you immune to all damages for 1 turn). But the doctor himself became weaker. I suppose that normally his stats decrease once he controls Lohse. After that the fight wasn’t hard. (Lohse died at the beginning of her next turn (because she still had lots and little life left) but I think she could have stayed alive and not controlled.)
Ok guys, if any of you has a problem with Malady not appearing at the black house despite having lhose in your party, I have a solution. Right after you arrive to Arx, your party and Malady will spawn outside the lady vengence, and at this point it is crucial for lhose to speak to Malady about the demon. Sadly, if you're doing the lone wolf one man playthrough (mostly) you may miss that opportunity (like i did).
If you are Sworn the Doctor will not let you in
If Lohse is in your party she will snuff out all those candles no matter what you say, I dont know if you have a choice when youre playing Lohse yourself. Adramahlik is an easy fight if you use source skills. I was able to burst him down in 1 round on tactician with a 4 man group. Also if you have an item that makes you immune to charmed with Lohse, he will not be able to controll her. You will still get the achievement for getting controlled but the game will just go on as if nothing ever happened. If you didnt talk to malady before the fight and didnt go to his realm, you can still snuff out the candles afterwards.
Im Lohse in the game and yes, you have a choice to dont snuff the candles
Lots of comments and noone say how to open that goddamn chest with 3 mines around it at the beginning of the level.
For those looking to open the enchanted chest in the Demon's Dimension, it took me some experimentation. 1. There are 3 gems set into trapped sockets around the chest. Use trap disarming kits on the sockets under each gem. 2. Pick up each of the 3 gems. 3. The chest will now unlock itself. For me, it contained a unique earth wand that granted poison siphon skill, not particularly useful but not bad, along with some mid-tier loot.
Killed him on classic mode in first round. Was disappointed how easy it was.
on honour he will kill/possess lose and give you a game over on his 2nd turn - can't bring her in on this fight
If you dont have trap disarming kits when you arribe to the demon dimension like me, you can movd the vases in to the traps and then pick up the runes to unlock the ornate chest