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Has anyone a tip for fighting 2 or more of those bastards? Every time I try, it is honestly impossible (you can either block infinitely (not possible) or you can try to dodge everything...but both tactics are utterly useless



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Is almost impossible to fight two of them at once, as they can break your guard real quickly, and chain their combos to instant-kill you. The game offers plenty of options to avoid such encounter, so use the fire cracker and run. From knows this, that's why besides very few encounters, they can often be stealth killed(or be killed by other NPCs).



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sometimes you just gotta run away


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It's possible with running attacks from behind. Lock one of them and run to his back then hit with a circular motion. They don't react very well to running attacks; You can even see them staying almost still. You can even beat the two Lone Shadows with this method.
this enemy is the demon incarnate!
Their official name is "Lone Shadow".
only the mini-bosses are lone shadows
Definitely an example of an enemy who can be tough or easy depending on your approach. If you hang back and play defensively, his long combos can easily overwhelm you. However, if you get in close and play offensively, his one-hit retaliations are much easier to deflect. If you can get into an attack-deflect-attack-deflect pattern with one, the fight will be easy. Just remember to dodge and counter, or anti-air deathblow, whenever he does his jumping overhead counter.
Also, if he manages to throw out a kick combo, be prepared to Mikiri Counter his kick at the end.
Also hirata estate the second time
seems like there are 3 tiers of ministry shinobi. the stripe cloaks are the lowest, the white-hooded ones are tier 2 and the black-hooded mini bosses are tier 3 which are the 17 lone shadows
Totally exact! I'm wondering if we're gonna fight the other lone shadows in the future DLCs
hm their left hand is burned, I wonder why:
This took me about 3 hours to beat in Hirata Estate. I ran back to him over and over about 75 times before I finally learned his moved sets, I found out after about an hour that passivity on your part is almost always certain death. Aggression is the ONLY way to win this fight from what I find. A culmination of my efforts led me to victory... FINALLY. Here is a video of how I did it.
youtube. com/watch?v=Y7aPTSSxX4k
agression isn't the only way dude... You can focus only on countering their perilous moves, miriki or jump and punish them !
Pretty amazing when you use the puppet ninjutsu on them, just wind them up and watch them go! If they die just deathblow them again and redo the ninjutsu