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Regarding the Height of Technique trophy / achievement, you don't need One Mind combat art to get it.
Thanks, I'll know I can save scum after Shura in ng+1 thanks to you. Just missing that and Purification and won't need 2 runs
So, if I start a New Game+, and it takes away key items, does that mean I'll also lose the Dancing Dragon Mask? Or will I keep that?
You keep it.
The mask carries if you complete it, however it is possible to loose the pieces if you try to buy them in separate play troughs.
I'm on my 4th run now and I stop it half way. Seem I have enough for now. Great game. Good times. See you in Sekiro 2
Or dlc
So basically in new game plus many enemies scale tremendously. Father and other bosses can one-two shot you easily and deplete your full posture if you have half hp with 2 hits.. While you soft cap at 20 attack power i believe and you can double it at 99 which will take countless hours of faming. You make a mistake in Ishins 3rd phase?? Well screw you, you have to play 4 more rounds flawlessly. Hit him 50 times but get one shotted. Very balanced, i see...
It's noticeably easier if you manage to do some big cums.
my dude idk waht you're talking about. I'm at NG+6 and having no problems whatesoever
Yes young apprentice, feel the rage...
Spiritfalls now being 45 sec, decision making them 1:30, stay on top of it w ceremonial idol
I've noticed that I struggle a lot more with NG+ cycles in soulsborne. I'm on my way to NG+ 7 and I haven't had anywhere near as much trouble as my first playthrough.
Sekiro’s difficulty comes almost entirely from “learning” the fight. Once you truly get it, it never gets much harder. Only longer
huh new game plus is easy mode wow i'm glad thank god!
Do a no R1 run until you can’t take it anymore. It makes you an incredible player
How many NGs are there? Gona start NG9, and almost got 99 attack power :\
dont go over 99 btw, used a memory at 99 and it basically reset my AP to 1 again
lol, mb after you get 99 it increases further even if the counter starts from 1
Getting 99 is impossible unless you're cheating. The game has a hidden counter that tracks how many memory you've acquired, whether you've used them or not. Once you've hit the max, bosses no longer drop memories.
It is possible to go over 99 by trading skill points for attack power. 5 SP = 1 AP. You have to have the dragon mask though
tried to go over 99 using 5 SP, but nothing happed, it told me ive reached the limit and stayd at th same 99 AP
The gunners in the poison pool area turn into cannon gunners and their placements change.
That happens after defeating the guardian ape or corrupted monk, not related to ng+ changes
Just finished the game the plan is to get the platinum
can anyone add info if skill points are carried over next playthrough? i'm only missing the 9 points skill after #3 run. got 4 points and don't want to brainless grind the 5 ones missing =/
Experience and skill points stay exactly where they were when you ended your previous playthrough
Did you accitendly use the Dancing dragon mask instead of a boss memory? That would explain the 5 missing skill points. It happens to me, because the menu points are very similar and is easy to click on the wrong one.