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Is like an ancient thor weapon.
I've experimented with this low durability and put in 3 -65% durability cursed gems on it and broke during a fight against a single undead giant...
FRC Loran dskffdu5 - L1 Fading Lake, L2 Stunning Deep Sea, L3 Lost Beast Claw, L4 Uncanny Burial Blade and Lost Tonitrus. Ritual materials: 20 Ritual Blood 5, 12 Tomb Mould 5, 24 Blooming Flowers, 10 Bastards of Loran and 4 Red Jelly. Bosses: Beast-possessed Soul, Undead Giant (chains), Loran Darkbeast and Aamygdala.
Has anyone paired this with a fire gem? I have and have noticed it does nice against other bosses as well. Anyone els?
I got this weapon early by accident, got killed by a weirdo enemy in the grand cathedral... Im lv 27!


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Thunderstruck! Seriously once I get this weapon (earlier then I should have, thank you snatchers) I rarely put it down.
Can confirm the full health damage display glitch has yet to be patched.
is this weapon glitched or something im *****ing annihilating everything in 3 hits when i apply the buff
Me to
Ill bet Archibald created this weapon by looking at a bowling ball thinking "lol imagine if that were on a stick... That also electrocuted people"
Probably the most denigrated weapon in the game. The durability is low, and it's kinda boring compared to the other weapons. But it's decent, IMO. I like simplicity.