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A good set to cosplay Gemini Saga, only need to remove the helm and Galaxian Explosion.


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Gotta love how many dislikes people are getting for calling out giant dad's for not knowing how to play literally anything else


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If you find yourself on NG++ or higher and want to reset difficulty in terms of boss damage, go grab this set - in NG+++ it's like night and day. One moment, the Four Kings are blasting you - the next, you're blasting them. For people wanting to go through higher levels and not intent on dodging everything, this may be the best set going. It is ugly, though. Very ugly. Love the helm though for that spartan look. Pieces on it are also phenomenal for poise and fashion - on my SL49 pyro murder machine, I tend to have the gauntlets and helm at +5 with knight's leggings and wanderer's chest at max. With a +5 chaos claymore and a +5 lightning bastard sword and ascended pyromancy glove, you are far more dangerous than giant dad with this set up.
The only good looking armor in the game.
Ornsteins armor?
Smough’s set?
Hollow warrior set?
The poise in the overview is incorrect, with it saying 128.8 poise. While the poise in the set table is correct at 91 poise.
And before anyone comments “jUSt eDiT YoUsELf!!1!”. I cannot.
Actually a pretty practical looking set, though there's this giant hecking gap without even any mail to protect it so...
2nd coolest looking set in the game. Beaten only by black knight set.
giant dad... is badass