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Best strongth weapon?
I created a build named "Holy build" with Strength (50) and Arcane (30), Skill (13), Vitality (50) and Endurance (30) and level character at 130. Theoretically, Holy Moonlight sword is the best weapon for this (and that's true), but I found Boom Hammer very fun in this build. And I mean for PvP, really I has been surprised by BH, I didn't think it was so efficient against players, especially if you use Old Hunter Bone in combination with it. It doesn't have a manifold moveset, but this is its power: easy to master it, good range and very strong! My normal version (two radial slots and one waning) now possesses 808 AR, with a radial cursed gems that boost Phy. att. +27,2% (negative effect: stamina cost increased by 3,3%), the other radial +25,3% Phy. Att. (negative effect: attack down vs Kin -9,5%) and the waning is great: +22,3% in Phy. Att., adding +13,5 flat bolt damage (negative effect: attack down vs Kin -10% circa). If you want to reach level 150, you can enhance Skill from 13 to 25 (doing so you'll create a super-quality build), and dividing remaining 8 points between Arcane and Endurance. Talking to runes I use: Great Lake, Clockwise metamorphosis and Anti-clockwise metamorphosis (all these tier 3).
How come it doesn't tell u anything about the stats to use for this weapon or am I just not getting it lol
Awesome weapon
The actual Banhammer.