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Fought them in ng+1, unfortunately my weapon has degraded completely so I was doing a third of my damage with my Holy Moonlight Sword(made the fight much longer) but it ended hilariously when one of the witches killed the other by trying to blow me up with a spell. And then I finished the last one off. Good times.
This fight becomes a joke if you kill Eileen and buy the Blades of Mercy. I would reccomend not doing that if you're running a STR or ARC build, though. DEX build works the best.

Anywho, get the BoM up to +3, +4, or +5. Find the first Witch, get behind her, charge your R2 in untricked form and visceral. Time your next charged R2 for right as she gets up. It staggers her forward and leaves her open for yet another R2 into a visceral.

Rinse and repeat (don't forget to lather) until the first witch is nearly dead, then go find the other one and do the same thing. The Mad Ones/Stalkers can be ignored for the most part, but always practice caution.

Happy Hunting, and I hope this helps someone. May the Good Blood guide your way.
you got it right, blades of mercy made it so easy....just run around, find the witches and damage them, for the stalkers, i just led them into the broken bridge, they took way too much time to get out of there.
More of a speed bump
The fight for me lasted around a minute. Completely smashed them with the kirk hammer. The funny thing is though it says no mad ones will spawn if you have 0 insight when entering the fight. But after i killed the last witch i got 2 insight and a mad one spawned and also died instantly hahaha.
yeah it's part of the ending battle animations i think. i had the same thing happen to me at zero insight.
It says that the summoned player can't see the witches unless the beckoner is near them, that is not true, I've co-oped this boss a lot for quick insight and echoes and I've seen and attacked a witch with the beckoner on the other side of the room fighting a mad one.
Call Me A Noob, But I Actually Died To This Boss ..... TWICE('Cause I Have 0 Patience).
"Strong to bolt" no they aren't you imbecile. They are weak to bolt.
They're stronger to bolt than anything else, but all of their defenses are garbage vs 200+AR
I thought that was wrong as well cos I wrecked the witches with the tonitrus
For the first time yesterday, I saw a witch kill a mad one with its arcane nova attack. Been playing the game since release and I didn't even know they could do that