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I notice I can give it to the Sculptor at least twice. I haven't tried the second time yet. Anyone know if there is different dialog the second time?
Are you sure it's Unrefined Sake, or Ashina Sake?
How do you give this to someone?
Apparently not. I didn't get one from Juzou. Still early in my NG+, so I don't know about the rest
Dafuq, ignore the above comment. Was intended to reply to the ng+ drop
You don't get unrefined sake drops on NG+?
"Once given, you will not be prompted again to give them this particular type of sake..." Bollocks. Just gave Isshin two of these. He repeated the same dailouge, and I lost the second sake. Well, someone's getting left out my playthrough.
There are three types of sake - Unrefined, Dragonspring and Monkey Booze. All three can be shared with 3 possible NPCs: Sculptor, Emma, and Isshin, who will then say a specific line of dialogue depending on which type of sake was given. I like this friends-talking-over-drink mechanic - it gives you a feeling of home and companionship in the game's war-torn setting. Needless to say, my favourite partner is Emma.
Oh, i forgot - there's also a fourth sake, the Ashina sake.
because she has a *****
WARNING: You cannot give any sake to Emma anymore after she gave you the bell for the Purification ending route, so if you want to pull all the "sake dialogue", put Isshin as the last person to give the sakes (unless you're going to the Shura route).
The sculptor will definitely take this twice and repeat the same dialogue. Seems like a bug.
It's not exactly a bug, it's because the unrefined sake offered by Isshin has a unique description and is considered as a different sake by the game. It should definitely be patched though since offering both types of unrefined sake give the same lines of dialogue.
I can't give this to Emma, i think that should be fixed. The one i got from Juzou works on the sculptor. I haven't made it to Isshin yet so idk if he's susceptible. Emma definitely isn't.
For me, Emma won’t accept drinks until after she moves locations after the 3rd boss.
Somehow I didn't get unrefined sake from Juzou in NG+. Can anyone confirm?