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Fountainhead Palace is missing a few sculptor Idols. Fountainhead Palace Vermillion Bride Mibu Manor + Flower Viewing Stage + Great Sakura + Palace Grounds + Sanctuary
Cant find the near secret passage idol. Any advice?
You can only get this idol near the very end of the game because it is right outside one of the final bosses.
From the Old Grave Sculptor's idol, you can see you the other side of the broken bridge. Which one is it?
***From the Old Grave Sculptor's idol, you can see one the other side of the broken bridge. Which one is it?
one at the beginning, befeore the descent into the serpent first meeting place
It's behind the courtyard where you fight General Tenzen Yamauchi. You should be able to find a small temple with a post warning about Headless if you keep heading right.from there.
So, can anyone confirm that in the last stages of the game, when Ashina is on fire. AFTER YOU KILL THE DIVINE DRAGON! Are some of the Idols in Ashina Outskirts forever unavailable until NG?
yes, the first two idols are unavailable until next playthrough.
I'm sure that if someone were to find a way around the barrier the burning gate creates they would be available for use, though its unlikely there would be much to see back there considering From clearly doesn't intend it to be accessible.
Pretty sure the Idols restore Spirit Emblems to the maximum cap your character have (mine is 20 since I've already finished the game).
Where does it say that they were made by the "true sculptor"?