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If you have bestowal ninjutsu use that on another guy and the fight is gonna be easy as pie. Just spam r1 and he will die even before the buff run out
He has uninterruptible attacks, spamming R1 just gets you killed. Pupeteering is a much better option as you can backstab the puppet at any time to refresh the effect and heal the puppet.
'Lone' Shadow (Has friend 5 feet away)
Shinobi are all about deception
It seems like the Puppeteer is the intended way to fight this boss. It’s actually beautiful in a way, his friend so quickly becomes his foe. He is truly the Lone Shadow Vilehand
This boss doesn't appear for me ??!
I beat him by puppeteering his friend and once I felt like the effect was going to end/he was going to die, I backstabbed the puppet again to refresh the Pupeteer ability which also heals the puppet to the full. I also aided the puppet by attacking the Vilehand from behind. Went quite swiftly and the boss died without killing either of us.
His Weakness Is Firecrackers And Fistful of Ash Just throw one and go to his back and hit and repeat
I dont think im the only one for whom this guy didnt appear for. Could it be because he's the same guy that was guarding the mist raven, and he was already killed in hirata estate? He actually fell off the cliff for me. It's certainly a more interesting explanation than just a bug
That’s just a regular purple dude.
Yeah I beat the guy guarding the mist raven, Vilehand was still there. He's there only during the invasion, or when Owl is at the top, of ashina Castle.
Weakness: High Monk. Use it during his sweep attack and you’ll knock out more than half of his posture. (This works for like, every sweep attack in the game.)