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After the fight with Genichiro, you have to find Isshin for Emma to take your gourd seeds again. He's above a room with three white ninjas in the castle (not far away from the idol before Genichiro, just go back to the stairs, go left, kill two guards then turn right).
I was stuck with this, thank you for your help!
You don't have to fight at all and skip straight to his window. There is a window door you can open in Kuro's room. Open the white door and follow the purple smoke signals by jumping to rooftops until you get to the building that it's on or the one next to it. His room has a balcony it's very hard to miss.



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To add to what the first poster said about just going out the window and going to Isshins room by walking the roofs, an easy way to know which way to go, is the side of the castle that has a straight, long hallway from the building kuros room is in and the rooftop you fight Genichiro on, straight to another building. Isshins room is top floor of the building the long hallway goes to from the castle/kuros room. So grapple or just drop down and run on the top of the long hallway, and grapple or climb to the top and that's Isshins room. There are doors wide open you can see Isshin from outside his room very easily. Hope that helps someone!
Isshin is missing as well... watched a youtube video for his location and nothing... is it glitched? lol
Have you defeated Genichiro?
anyone know where to find the hentai?


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The first place to look is R34, but the page for the game isn't even created yet
exhentai.org for all your needs lol
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Emma is the adoptive daughter of Dogen, the man who made the Shinobi Prosthetic. Emma was orphaned as a child and was starving, but a Shinobi named Orangutan gave her a rice ball and saved her. She lived with him for a time until being adopted by Dogen, a doctor and close friend of Isshin Ashina whom Orangutan met when Isshin cut off his left arm, preventing him from becoming Shura. Emma learned the way of the sword from Isshin Ashina with the desire of being able to kill Shura, should her friend Orangutan ever lose control of himself again. In the Shura ending Emma tries to stop Sekiro and fails, triggering the final fight with an aging Isshin Ashina.
Where did you find all of that out?
Giving Emma booze for info on Dogen, the monkey who rescued her on battlefield, her training, etc. Booze to Sculptor for info on Orangutan. Rest from Shura ending.
What did she say immediately after the Genechiro fight? I did not absorb it..
After you get the dragon blood droplet and return to kuros room. You find her hunched over issshins body. If you ask her about Isshins last words . She say he left you something and to comeback once you have mastered the esoteric text. I have all the skills unlocked but she still tells me to master the text
i'm on the same boat. and about to finish this run without knowing what the hell is that
Dragon Tears, not Dragon Blood droplet... Anyway - she gives you the text here only as a fallback if you didn't receive it from Isshin before - he gives it to you as Tengu in the Snake shrine behind castle, if you have unlocked at least one final technique of any skill tree.
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Sorry, not into her design. I wish they'd gone with a straight-up Japanese look for her. She looks mixed, if not entirely NON-Japanese. I think traditional Japanese women during this era looked fascinating and unique, but making Emma half-white just makes me feel like FromSoft is buying into Asia's already horribly strict beauty standards (Western features = more desirable). Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but just my 2 cents.
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And what if she happened to be half-Dutch, half-Japanes--which was relatively common during that time--because of trading with the Western World?
lol, all the hate from the fanboys. eh, I kinda get where you're coming from. but I still love her design now, dont have a problem with it. It wouldve been cool if they had stuck with pure japanese, but it kinda adds to her?
why are some people even hung up on her design and ethnicity? can't we just like a character for who they are?
She looks goddamn japanese. What are you smoking? .t lived in Japan
If she is mixed race it really only adds depth to her character, and would fit with her backstory. Your SJW bull*****is tiresome to everyone, give it a rest. inb4 "why does a character have to be half white to have more depth" gtfo loser
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..."she has been trained and ordered by Isshin to kill the hermit should he ever come close to transforming into a Shura again." wait, what dialog indicated that she was ordered by Isshin to kill the Sculptor? i thought her desire to kill a Shura was purely out of compassion she had for the Sculptor, not because Isshin ordered it. is there something i missed?
1) It's a theory; 2) She's Isshin's disciple, is shown to be very loyal to him throughout the game, and still goes back to visit the Sculptor once or twice even after Kuro has been saved/you're looking for the materials to enact Divine Severance. There's no direct dialogue that mentions it (off the top of my head), but it's more-than-plausible, especially considering how willing she is to kill Sekiro in the Shura ending.