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Any idea how to open the door right on the binocular location ? It seems there's an item here, but I didn't find any path to get to it.
If you go outside where the chained ogre was and look to the mountain across the valley you can see a cave and a bunch of cliffs leading you up and around to the same part of the building that door leads you to. I haven't found how to get there yet, though.
You must find the entrance to the cave you fight headless at, righ before you enter the cave you can graple up and reach that door, its like a shortcut.
Right, so I found it using your hint. You actually need to ENTER the cave of the headless, but when you're in the cave, you have a path going upward and outside the cave right before your drop down to rush the Headless, and this is the actual way. There are two poisonous lizard when you got all the way up there, and the drop is one Gachiin Sugar, one Divine Herb and another insignificant item.
How can i get here again when everything is on fire?
Go from the Old Grave and walk towards the area after the Chained Ogre
Go to ashina castle gate and jump into the right side roofs until you see a hookable kite and follow the path through the bridge ( you will see a fired drunkard mini boss ) or alternatively goes to Demon's bell and use rotating wall to go back.
neither of these suggested waypoints seem accessable. I only have the Dilapidated Temple waypoint in Ashina Outskirts, and the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance and Upper Tower - Kuro's Room in Ahina Castle. How else can I access the Old Grave waypoint?
Just leave though the window in Kuro's Room. Its a different window then before. U can make ur way down to the grave from there. From the grave u can access Ashina Outskirts going over the bridge that was broken when u where there earlier.
How do i get to ashina reservoir after the castle is set on fire?
hello All. When everything is on fire. Climb the roofs. If you are starting from the Ashina Castle Waypoint. start climbing the roofs on the right and go towards the castle. So you wanna go right of the caste when facing towards it. you should see 2 x night jar fighting another 2 red eye nightjars. Look for a kite to grapple on and that should take you to the old graves way point and I think that should get you to the next few areas.
a little bit info or a trivia i guess. In an area where you fought General Tenzen Yamauchi (after chained ogre), you can find a large table beside General's banner. On it, is a complete layout map of Ashina Castle compound
To get past monocular door you go down headless path & turn right after the crouching tunnel & come back up. Also the 1st remnant change to recollection is wrong those are remnants. Walk up to one & it says touch remnant.
Added the information on how to open up the quick shortcut leading to the Headless in the cave below, through the locked door found immediately after the Chained Ogre. A lot of people were asking, and I couldn't find the information anywhere. Hopefully this helps people with that damned door.
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