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I've seen from other sites that there is a helmet to go with this called Scholar's Shed Skin, however I can not for the life of me get it to drop. Could it just be referring to the wax pools you dunk your head into and if so, why do these sites display stats and an item image when it's not an actual item. I'm assuming its coded but not implemented or maybe a scrapped item in favor of the wax pools.
It's not a legitimate item you can get to drop. My guess is that there was going to be an item that ended up being scrapped and the code is still there. Odds are, these wikis are written by people who rummage through the game code, so that's why they listed it.
In my futile attempt to cosplay as Holy See Mozgus, this is the closest garb that resembles what he wears. Neither the Deacon or the Archdeacon set is close enough.

Why does it have to be covered in jizz.. sigh
If you look closely, this looks very similar to Pontiff Sulyvahn's garb
I'd say Sulyvahn's outfit looks much closer to the Court Sorcerer robe, in terms of color, texture, motifs, and trim.
got it in first playthrough