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Does it work in pvp?
Yeah, but it's so weak it isn't viable at all.
Wish it was percentage base, like 5%, 7.5%, and 10% hp back per kill. The ring is decent at low levels and with low Vig, but once you're over 27 Vig you are better off with more defensive or offensive rings.
Or at least that the amount healed was based on the enemy's health, i.e. killing extremely dangerous enemies gives you more health than killing crappy little mobs that die in one hit.
On the one hand, you don't need to get the killing blow for the heal to trigger, so if you're co-opping, you don't feel so pressured to get the final hit in on everything to get the heal like in Dark Souls 2.

On the other hand, there's a 1 or 2 second cooldown on the heal triggering, so killing multiple enemies at the same time or very quickly together will only give you one heal, massively reducing the effectiveness of the ring as a form of in-combat sustain.
Why its not there for me?
Purely a PvE ring. Weak on it's own, but good when combined with the other HP restore/regen items, such as:
- Arstor's Spear (on your back)
- Aldrich's Ruby (for backstabs)
- Sun Princess' Ring
- A blessed shield +9
There's more but this is my build, and I never chug estus, even in NG+. And they said this game was supposed to be tough.



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Works even if you're an invader and can't fight enemies.
I noticed I get healed by dying mobs as the invadees kill them in the distance.
Also a good way to figure out their location by following the trail of "health sparkles".
Does it give you glowing red eyes like Ds2?
The Redeye ring gave you a red glow, draws aggro, not the Evil Eye. It has the same effect in all three games, health grom killing enemies.
I wish this game had the ring of dildos and what it does is it lets you have extra damage when using a sword to jab the enemy
First of all, thank you for this childish and unfunny joke. Second, it's called the Leo Ring.
not the best ring imo
The upgraded rings are joke, as we would be in NG+ and forth.
well, after the RC DLC almost all + Rings became a joke. But that's the fault of the DLC and FROM.
When you have like 1300 Vigor.. this ring is worhless .. and +1 of that ring to +3, should be better .. but its not.!!.. TBH, if that ring was too powerfull, then the game would be too easy !!
Almost all plus three rings are a joke, the only useful ones are the covetous serpent rings