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Fantastic fight, one of the hardest in Fromsoft history. He really tests your ability to use all of the basic mechanics of the game effectively.
Put as a side note that if he is on a decline, as in his elevation is lower than yours and you do a mikiri counter on him, you will always miss your follow up attack. As I was fighting him and 80% of my counters failed in a follow up hit I looked carefully and found out why. Boss is fine, area is terrible due to the one of the few safe ways to counter is broken at the moment
just a small tip: if you keep being aggressive after the first deathblow you can keep him in phase one. Only works though if you constantly attack him and parry
i give up :(
me too man, me too!
Isshin and his grandson are both weak to fire. Use frame vent when you have an opportunity and lit your sword on fire with living force. Keep presser on him and he should be afflicted by burn status after 2 flame vent. When he is afflicted by burn you can get some free hit and draining his hp and stop his posture from recovering for a while.
Best way to fight him in phase 2 is to continue being as aggressive as possible and deflecting. Trying to keep your distance does not work due to all the AOEs and he chases you like mad. If you need to heal its best to do so by sprinting away while he's busy completing that spear combo (remember to use the rocks scattered about). If you miss a deflect, don't freak out and just try to time the next deflect properly. Best time to do damage is after a mikiri counter (most of this fight is just posture damage anyway).
here is how to kill with fire
Genichiro - Shadowrush his first blackblade weeaboo swing and the jump will interrupt it before it comes out, letting you get some big damage in. You can be really aggressive like his other fight, only thing to note is that it becomes hard to predict which perilous attack he will do after a jump because his sword is obscured by foliage. Stick close to get around the ridiculous greatbow spamming and remember to leave an extra moment on his end of combo thrust: you will likely dodge too early to get a mikiri counter if you take the audio cue at face value. Phase 1 - Easy once you've done it a billion times which you probably will getting to phase 2. You want to close the distance and keep it that way. Swing at him until he parries (different sound effect) then he will only do one of a few things. His three hit combo is easily parried, so just parry all three then go back to swinging. His thrust combo is ludicrously easy to counter, it's just a swing then thrust. The only hard part is the anime sword arts. The slow vertical slashes can be parried quite easily but you will likely take a lot of posture damage so don't be too eager to retaliate. The other two have similar wind-up but you can use a lovely trick with the shield to remove the need to learn them. Essentially as he sheathes his sword, move in close and shield up. He will (in my experience) 100% do one swing then a sweep attack to get past your shield. Jump on his fat head and slice him to bits every time. If you are aggressive enough you can get in some solid hits before phase 2 activates after the deathblow so keep swinging. Phase 2+3: Dude's rough. The most frustrating thing by far is that his thrusts are telegraphed by him sweeping the spear behind his back (yeah sweeping) so you'll often jump instead of dodging. He does mix it up now and then but usually if he's comboing you, it's a thrust, if he's shooting you it's a sweep (not 100% though). What you are looking for in this fight is his distance closing smash. You can 100% dodge diagonally towards him and go under it, then get an easy two hits in from behind. Note he has hyper armour on a lot of his moves, so only hit him twice, not three times, as his backwards jump and some combos will poise through the last one and hit you. In this phase he gets a few more anime sword attacks, your ace is still rammed nice and hard up his hole so get in his face with that shield and if you have the magnetic one parry his swings. The posture damage is beautiful and it means you can follow up with a nice hit once he's done. Phase 3 is very similar but with the occasional lightning attack. These attacks are a bit frustrating because if he does stun you he will likely do a shoot into thrust combo that no one can survive. If you find yourself in this situation attempt to dodge forward and get a lucky mikiri counter, but you're probably dead anyway. The main way this will happen is if you jump too early, so make sure you let him get nice and far into his animation before jumping, rather than jumping at the audio cue. This is a long fight, so you want to be acing phase 1 and 2. Try to get healing upgrades and charm upgrades because you really don't want to be running out of shield or gourd uses. Good luck and try not to get too angry at the forced *****ing boss cutscenes that literally no one ever asked for *****ing hell from I thought you'd learnt about this
But you can skip the custscenes?


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Why is he even called Sword Saint. His Spear is far more dangerous than his sword.
Sword saints weren't necessarily just master swords men like Miyamoto Musashi Sword saint is a title given to someone who either has a large body count in a war or does a difficult and important task like defend the emperor end the conflict or win a decisive battle
If you can't beat this fight fairly and want to cheese it, you can just get him to his spear phase and literally hold sprint and run counterclockwise while locked on to him. Just keep sprinting until he does his jumping overhead slam and get a charged attack in. Rinse and repeat till dead
Holy crap, this is insanely good advice. I'd been trying for an hour to kill him, then tried this and did it first go.
Been trying this but he always seems to hit me with some of his spear drops and i can't tell what the difference is between the one's where he hits me and where he doesn't.