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Additional Mini-Boss, "Lone Shadow Vilehand", a rogue type NPC which uses poisoned weapons. Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo.
When there are more minibosses than actual bosses
That's the point of progression if you haven't noticed
Too many humanoids in the damn game to fight against. I hope that a future DLC balances that out with other kinds of enemies.
To be honest I didn't think there would be any non humanoids in the game l
I mean you can get more guardian apes if you want
too many humanoids in a game about sengoku period. Stop doing drugs kids



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A game about sengoku period...with zombies, giant snakes, ogres, a magical prosthetic arm, a dragon, a couple giant apes (even a headless version), did I miss any? Probably, but whatever, i think my point is valid. If you see sekiro as based on or grounded in reality, you haven't played the game or you're a *****ing moron.
Additional Mini-Boos, "Long Arm Centipede Giraffe". Sunken Valley - Gun Fort


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Yo! No clue how to add pages. But Lone Shadow Vilehand is a miniboss and the strategy for phase two could be sneaking up to the guy on the left and using the puppeteer jutsu. that basically skips the first phase since it is two on one. mind tho that your puppet does deal damage to you. so keep the enemy sandwitched and poke at him!


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But isnt that a mini boss?
Demon of Hatred?
Got to the outskirts and work in reverse to where the start of the game took you. It's all on fire - you use the buddha and you fight the Demon in the courtyard where you fight the first boss.
Great Shinobi Owl in Hirata Estate
Technically a different boss too, his name is now the Owl (father) or something to the extent and I won't even start about the move set
Corrupted Monk?
The Illusion one
In the same page as the true one.
You can fight the ape boss again in the cave in the depths of ashina on the posion pool. after defeating the snakeeye there go behind her in the cave and turn left before you jump down. There is a grapling hook on the left top side
Missing the secret fight against The Owl in the alternate Hirtata Estate, the 2nd headless ape fight at the poison pools, and the False Corrupted Monk at the end of Mibu village.
The False corrupted monk is a mini boss not a boss
i would argue that the apparition corrupted monk gives you a memory so it would count as a boss
The Corrupted Monk sencounters are both in one page, regardless of true or false versions.