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So I killed the snake and was on that other side, but fell off the cliff looking at the broken bridge. I can't seem to find any way back there to get the items on the other side of the Sunken Valley Passage. Anybody know of a way to get back over there?
Happened to me too. Did alot of testing and trying from both the kite puzzle idol and the Gun Fort idol, and it looks like you are locked out of those items.
Same problem, anyone have a clue?
I did the exact same thing, i cannot find a way back...
I did the same thing lol. I think we're locked out
Goddamn it. I fell off too. Went too close to the bridge and fell thru.
Yep, me too. Clipped right through the remaining boards of the bridge. Mildly infuriating. Bye bye Droplet I guess -.-
- Get to the Passage via kite shanenigans - Poison yourself in a way that the poison will kill you mid air - As you are about to die, jump toward the tallest rock where the snek was resting at If you did this right and died from poison and not from hitting the rock, you can revive on top of it.
Even if you make it down to the rock you're just stuck there. Looks like there's no way to get back to the other side :(
you can skip the second phase of the ape boss if u hit him a lot when he s down
yes with the mortal blade, how does that relate



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Really loved the design of this area, the giant statues are so beautiful
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Sadly the graphics are nothing compared to that of God of war and even bloodborne
God of War LMAOING @ your life.
I somehow missed the monkeys and just used the mist raven to get past the snake and get the stone. That works I guess
Another way to get past the snake in the end without using ninjutsu is to just grapple towards it and the moment you land just jump off the cliff the direction you came from. This will trigger the attack then mid-air just grapple back and run for it.
I think there's 2 serpents. the other one is guarding the shrine inside the cave. cuz I happened to kill the serpent first before going inside the cave.
Guide doesn't say anything about picking up the lotus of the palace for the main story.
If you dispel the Bell Demon near the old woman, she'll give additional dialog and an item.
If you land on the snake and fail the second deathblow it will hold you in its mouth and bring you to the serpent cave where you will need to kill it, if you die here you will respawn in the sunken valley cavern and can attempt the drop again