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It can't cure terror as status abnormality, as terror causes instant death...
Like every other specialty gourd, it reduces the build-up down to 0, no matter what level the build-up is at, and it gives a minor defensive buff against it for a short time. Considering that Terror instantly kills you and has no 'effect' when it reaches 100%, this is one of the best gourds; it's essentially 5 free pacifying powders that refill whenever you rest at a statue.
Is a must against any apparition type enemies.
Does terror resistance from this stack with pacifying agent?
its the same buff so no
how much does this reducr terror, I saw it in the video it just removes the terror even its filled to 3/4 of the barbar



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by a significant amount one headless attack unmitigated => ~80% terror one headless attack unmitigated with purple gourd up => ~30% terror this item is super underrated for all your headless fights, particularly the underwater ones - you trivialize the underwater ones with this item completely


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When fighting the Headless and deflecting his hits terror built up pretty quickly after one or two. After using this, I could deflect and not really worry about it. That being said, you still have to be careful cause they do alot of posture damage
It's nice to have for the headless and shichimen but not essential.