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There is another Ashina Elite with red eyes under Isshin's watchtower room during the last phase of Ashina Castle
Yes but that counts as a Mini Boss so its not in this category
Where's Lady Maria??
In sekiro DLC probably
No secrets to hide, everyone knows about the dragon's heritage,o the guardian of secrets ain't here
Holy***** maria counterpart fride was *****ing badass I can't comprehend how *****ing pain and beautiful would be a maria style sekiro boss.
They go by the name of Emma now.
So, do you go directly to NG+ when you kill the final boss or of you have to activate the option?
I believe you have the option to immediately go into NG+, or continue exploring and enter NG+ later.
Yes, you have the option to choose like Dark Souls 3
If you are hunting the all bosses killed trophy, do killing them through different playthroughs count or does it all have to be in one game run?
One run, obviously.
Since you can't kill all bosses in one run (because depending on the ending you go for you'll face different enemies at the end) it must be done throught different playthroughs
the guy saying "one run, obviously" does not know what he is talking about. different story paths will have have different bosses at some point and cannot be completed in one run.
Where is the apparition type Corrupted Monk from Ashina Depths? I'm stuck on her right now and there aren't many walkthroughs or guides for that specific mini-boss.
The apparition version of the Corrupted Monk is counted as a Mini Boss since its fairly easy compared to the real boss and well.. its NOT the REAL boss. As for how to do him just deflect his attacks and dodge when appropriate and you wont have many issues.
also use snap seeds
Use snap seeds
use snap seeds
Just Deflect and hit her, it's easy miniboss.
It has the exact same moveset as Corrupted Monk's first phase, so you could just use the wiki page for Corrupted Monk. The main differences that can really help with the illusion one, is that you can use Snap seeds to each take out 10% of her health, but you can only use 3 per fight. Also you're going to want to use Divine confetti because it makes you do a hell of a lot more damage to ghost/illusion bosses. Oh and the Firecracker prosthetic is always good for stunning bosses.
Try use snap seed, the crackers and dinive confetti
She is located past the Water Mill Idol in Ashina Depth's. Just keep running forward and you will find her eventually.
missing the swordsman that calls the wolves in the second run of hinata estate (where owl was in first pass) in the mini boss section



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What is his name?
it's another Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer, tho he whistles now and calls dogs over n over.
Headless Ape gives an attack memory, 2 prayer beads and a Ninjutsu so should be a boss not a mini-boss
there is a mini boss in the lake in the old grave area
apparently the boss in the lake in the old grave area is the headless
OH OH OH if you forget to kill the shichimen shaman that appears after the headless ape fight and kill the great carp before hand,dont worry,if you do the 2nd headless ape boss encounter in sunken valley,that very same shaman will spawn there after you leave and reload.I got the malcontent's ring from her!?!? Did I do good coach?!
Thanks for this, best tip I didn't know I needed
Those are 2 different shamans I believe with unique loot in each...