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An Important Tip, his charge attack that shows the red symbol can be dodged by Jumping. Besides that if you are not using any prosthetics to stun him simply mash at his legs and dodge his attacks as they are fairly easy to avoid. The biggest issue is his large health bar and 3 phases.
I am almost certain this guy is the actual prosthetic sculptor guy.
It's the sculptor, yes. Also, back when he was a shinobi he went by the name Orangutan. Seems like every single shinobi got animal names.
Yeah I figured he'd be some demon or something considering he was "sealed" in a temple with charms surrounding him and he would constantly mutter/talk about seeing demons/etc. Pretty sure one of his lines even references a demon of hatred.


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My first thought aswell. The demon has the same beard and is missing his left arm.
You can stun him if you have malcontent finger upgrade not sure if he becomes resistant to it though
That makes a lot of sense given who the demon is.
Wish I would've scrolled down to see this before I beat him after painstakingly getting each of his moves slammed into my memory, very slowly.
Nah, he keeps being vulnerable to it.
To me, Lotus Umbrella was a good failsafe way to defend from his fireball volley and ground flames.
Is this boss only available if you fight the Owl, becuase I became Shura and I was wondering if Im gonna have to do a second playthrough
Yes, the Shura ending stops the game very prematurely since it's considered the bad ending.
Youre missing a lot of content and bosses with that ending


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Since nobody has properly explained how to find this boss: after killing the Divine Dragon and being transported to Kuro's room, hop out the window, jump down to the top of the main stairway leading to the castle, and double back through the ground floor. You should be close to the Old Grave idol. Run past it, all the way down to the broken bridge, which has now been repaired. Run across the bridge and you are now in the Outskirts Wall area. Run past or fight the fire drunkard miniboss, and keep running up through the area as if you're going back towards the Dilapidated Temple. Eventually you'll reach a wall of fire with an idol in front of it, use it to be transported to the Flames of Hatred.


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Update: the way you're "supposed" to go. Hop out the window, jump down to the main stairway, run down the stairs towards the Ashina Castle idol. On your left at the bottom of the stairs there's a dying soldier who asks you to reinforce the troops in the Ashina Outskirts. He tells you about a shinobi kite. Grapple over the wall to your left, following the rooftops like you're going up to the Antechamber. You'll see the kite hanging off one of the higher rooftops. Up ahead you'll see another dying soldier on top of the guard tower. Speak to him, he'll tell you the Interior Ministry has repaired the bridge up ahead, and also ask you to reinforce the troops. From there it's the same - cross the bridge, keep running back and up through the Outskirts until you get to the wall of flames, and use the idol.
anti-fire umbrella is amazing. You can just hold it open (1 use) for entire comboes, and when he does his jump attack it blocks not only the damage, but the knockback as well if you hold it long enough, meaning you get to stay right underneath him and free damage.
Finally did it. about 15 attempts. started with 200 spirit emblems, ended with 28
Actaully, this demon really is the Sculptor :( If you are at the Temple, (starting point) and you try to go to ashina on the normail way, you can see some fire cracks on the wall :( RIP our friend :/
Thought this thing was the creepy old lady who was in the building where you meet the Tengu. When you talk to her later, she warns us that we should leave her unless we want to see a demon. Gets debunked when you actually kill the demon and realize that it's a male who recognizes the Wolf by title. She's still in the same location after the fight and she hints to to who the demon actually was.
also, when you talk to her earlier in the Story, she speaks about the neverending war and that it generates a lot of hate. She then adds, that nobody seems to wonder, where all of this hate is going.
The demon is the sculptor, he was always muttering about the flames, and all he could see in the buddha was flames and ashina burning