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Not exactly sure what triggered it, but I got behind him and mashed his hemorrhoids for about 2/3 of his health bar in phase one. Kept stunning him; hope it's repeatable. I'd test but I need to cool off after testing the waters of phase 2...
This is where i've dropped this game. I've played all From's games (DS1, DS2, DS3, BB - and i loved them), bought them both on PC and PS4, but this garbage boss right after the Genichiro fight made me quit this *****ing game completely. I deeply regret wasting my time and money i've put into this game. This is probably the last From's game i've bought, sad because i used to be a fan of them. At least Dark Souls and Bloodborne were fair. Wasted 10h on this boss and i am dead inside to say the least... Good to luck to anyone through, who will attempt to fight him. I don't think luck will help you tho...
I think when moments like this happen is best to just take a break.
how to beat easy: 1s phase run to backwards left circling the boss, when boss is on its back attack or has done jump combo and is staggered. 2nd phase run away just like in phase 1 only attack when he does the 4 thrust lunge with strong r1 HOLD attack. sometimes if hes close and does the swim on the ground swipe you can attack him aswell. beat on 1st try took 1hour slow and steady wins the race
git gud



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Why lie and say you've played the other games? This fight is way easier than 90% of Bloodborne. So, you obviously haven't played that game at least.
@Floodsye Why would i lie about something like this? What's the point? Are you actually dumb? Seriously why the ***** do you think it is worth lying about it? I've played Bloodborne + Old Hunters, got all trophies, completed chalice dungeon and i can safely say that bosses there were easier imho. Even chalice bosses were more fun and were easier to kill with an HP bar cut in half than trying to kill this dumb boss. The most annoying thing in this fight for me is inconsistency. I can't read his *****ing attacks, his attack are annoying pile of*****. Sometimes he does that stupid grab and i can evade that by just jumping, sometimes he grabs me, even though i pressed that *****ing jump button. Sometimes controls just refuse to work. Sometimes i can deflect all his attack, sometimes i can't even block his attacks, because character refuses to block while pressing that L1 button. Bloodborne was easier for me because I've could land parries almost always, executioners were no problem for me because always i've could just parry them with a pistol, bosses that you can parry also were easier. I really like the sound of parrying in BB and that's why i used it almost alway when i had a chance, but in Sekiro it's so *****ing inconsistent, as i've said sometimes i deflect all attacks perfectly, but sometimes i can't even make the character to put a block. Controls are *****ing broken pile of crap. What triggers me is that mikiri doesn't always work, even though i do the same***** every time and sometimes it work, the other times it refuses to work, same with a *****ing jump when boss does sweep attack. Sometimes Sekiro jumps and stuns him, sometimes he jumps and takes a *****ing hit. This gives me a real cancer. But i beat that boss yesterday. I took a break after i kept failing over and over. Went to bath to take a shower and after i returned i killed him, even though i did the SAME***** i've done in my last attempts dozen of times. I managed to kill him because finally he started actually using that stupid attack that you can deflect and hit him freely 6 times. He wasn't doing that in my last attempts. I don't know maybe my game glitched and after i restarted it it worked. But this boss gave me a cancer and I had a feeling that I've just wasted my time on this boss and got nothing in return, not even a moral pleasure. I tend to have a feeling of accomplishment and happiness after beating challenging bosses in SoulsBorne, but after killing this stupid monkey i only had depression and a feeling of how miserable failure I am. He just destroyed me morally and ruined my day...
Sucks for you! This game is awesome along with every Fromsoft game!
Just wait until you get to the double ape boss hahahahaha
now we know you are a filthy casua who only managed to finish the souls series with help from others, this game separate men from crying babies and we know you are a crying baby....
> now we know you are a filthy casua who only managed to finish the souls series with help from others, this game separate men from crying babies and we know you are a crying baby.... Omg how dumb you must be to judge me without even knowing if i have ever used help of Sunbros or not. I haven't even ever used in - game npc's help. Seriously why Soulsborne community has so many dumb indivuduals like you, who don't know anything but "git gud you scrub, i am superior, because my ***** virtually increased after i've beaten the game at SL1 while *****ing my dog"? Why this community is so *****ing toxic*****? I beat him and double apes too shortly after. I beat the game and i am already doing ng+. The reason why it was so difficult is because it was my 3rd boss after genichiro and horseman. Yes i didn't come to him when i was about to face the final boss (like everyone else seems did judging from videos on youtube with a giant hp bar). So i can at least say that i've beaten him when i wasn't OP af. And suprisingly double apes were easier than him alone. Only problem i had after him was Juzou and his friend.


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get gud
STRATEGY 1st phase: Keep running to the sides or backwards, most of his attacks can't hit you as long as you just run backwards, no need to get close. Wait for him to do a punishable move, such as the one where he falls on his back, the one where he flings poop (run at him, and dodge forward), the one where he bashes around->Jump slam. There's no need to get into his attack range, since he makes himself vulnerable often. Also dodge his lunge grab by running backwards and dodging backwards. 2nd Phase: Stay behind him, which is easy when he stabs. For sweeps learn to deflect if he turns around, and be prepared to run as soon as your screen goes a bit blurry (indication for scream) This boss is VERY hard if you try to keep close to it. Cleared him on my 5th attempt once i realized you don't even need to dodge or deflect in phase 1. GRIND IT OUT BOIS
You are a god send
after you beat the 1st phase you can attack him with the red blade multiple times trigerring a second death blow without having to do the 2nd phase


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I want to believe you, thats how bad this boss is, unfortunately i dont think from software is gonna let us pass a boss phase that easy
that's a huge lie and unless you got video proof of someone else getting it to work, don't spread that BS.
Good bull*****kid
man this guys grabs are really *****ing me up. it just feels so unfair.
ok i found out jumping will dodge all of his grabs still trying to beat the second phase though
for phase 2 parrying his complete combo and the heavy attack he ends it with will let you get in a good deal of damage
Using the loaded umbrella completely negates all damage and fear from the scream in phase 2
You advice is useless, because you need to have one of the top upgrades the game has to offer to use it againt him or warrior shichimen. Definetely you aren't supposed to have this upgrade before encountering this boss... Without upgrades this umbrella is useless piece of*****...
If you deflect his two weird dance sword hits and make home do the big overhead swing. Deflect that and than use the spear to pull the centipede out. Huge posture damage, just beat him. Took a moment
Does this require an upgraded loaded-spear? Cause I've had no luck with it... tried 6 times, and no centipede any of the times
You fight can fight him again in the ashena depths
This boss relentlessly kicked my ***, to the point where I was looking up strategies to cheese him online, but eventually I found a pattern to make it ridiculously simple. All you have to do is make him do the overhead swing. This isn't new knowledge, actually it's the intended way to beat the fight, but it's way easier than it seems at first. All you have to do is block at least two of his hits in any of his combos, and he'll transition into doing it. Then parry it and he'll be stunned for long enough to get 3-5 good hits in depending on if you're using a weapon art or not. If he jumps up in the air to do a sweep, just run away and ignore it, but run back in as he'll immediately do another overhead swing after regardless if you parry/jump it successfully or not. Rinse and repeat. For extra damage, whenever he does the ground slither, just jump over the swing and hit him two times in the head. Also, shurikens deal surprisingly high damage to him especially since he never blocks them. I pepper them throughout the fight with the Ceremonial Dagger whenever he does the AOE attack. Also, am I the only one who found fighting him in the depths with a second copy easier than the first time? Both of their health bars was so low all it took was two firecrackers to take one out and then the fight was just a straight up easier version of the initial boss
All you have to do is make him do the overhead swing Yeah it's so *****ing easy... except he NEVER did that *****ing thing for me. He was just spamming his dumb jump attack. I've seen many videos where boss does the attack you mentioned but i've never seen that one while fightining him myself. This is so *****ing rng...


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The second copy does the overhead attack after using the jump special also. Makes it way faster to kill him.
When he does the overhead swing he falls over and you can use the spear prosthetic to pull the centipede out for a ton of posture damage
1st phase: attack once or twice when he falls on his ***, when you can grapple to him, after his back flail is done / 2nd phase: back off whenever the camera zooms out, get used to the deflect timings and attack once or twice in between his combos or when you can see big recovery time after he does his attacks, beat him second try without firecrackers and that's only because on the first try i gave up a resurrect before 2nd phase and homeward boned out to reset the fight but basically block block block just polish your fundamentals and you'll get it, don't be afraid to create space to heal/use antidotes/pacifying agents