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Bring him far enough into the forest (not that far) he slowly walk backward and you can just hit him for free and when you're back into his aggro zone, bait his leap => repeat. Also I tried what anon said, using flame vents charge prevent him from buffing, can confirm.
He fell into the ravine for me, I didn't get the rewards for beating him. Bugged? Can I still get the prayer bead?
Try going to the shrine by henbei the undying
I had the same problem. Did it ever show up at the shrine for you? I killed him at the Great Serpent's Shrine, and then again at the Hirata Estate. Only got the first prayer bead. Are we supposed to get 2?
I killed him first at Hirata Estate and got a prayer bead but the second time I fought him at the serpent shrine he only gave me a a large money purse
You can make his pet wolves attack him with the finger whistle. Good if you sneak up to him to take off a health bar then run back to whistle the wolves
He says he is avenging his dead friend, so whos the badass that killed his friend all these purple dude
maybe the tengu (isshin). You can find him there with a dead ninja in that exact location before.
For the record, if Ashina is burning, he despawns and you miss your opportunity to kill him.
Ashina also has to be at night for him to spawn.
He is also at the very start of the father's bell memory and drops a prayer bead there
You can actually bring him to the gate on his 2nd phase, get his attention and let him chase you, he wont go in and will try hitting you outside, a funny way of taking him out if you're having a hard time.
If I do purification ending, he will appear at Serpent Shrine?Miss him, and get offering box glitch...
You can actually get a stealth attack to wipe out his first health bar. At the stairs, leading to his building just 1 meter before he notices you double jumb to the left or right on the fence and go round the building and enter the other side. His back will be turned on you.


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or you can sneack behind him, use the candy of strength and interrupt his buff stance with Shadowrush and the upgrade which I don't rembember the name. Btw you can spam Shadowrush and he will fall easy (like must bosses).