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Need help please I'm stuck on the 1st boss, I've tried countless of times and get him lower than 20% but then I get rekt :/ Psn: smoccin BL 178
If you are around sl 120 and are having trouble with this dungeon, add me.
My psn is mtiiwi and i am willing to help anyone who needs it in this savage dungeon. :)
You can actually summon two old hunters to tackle the pthumerian queen :p
Is there somebody who can help me with the 1st boss? level 110
You can keep one of the pilars between you 2 it is much safer and easier
Is this place harder than Lower Loran? That one's depth 5 and i'm able to handle that on my own at BL 80. Like, relatively easily. Though i have some good gems on my Threaded Cane and i know how to make a build as i've played a lot of dark souls. I just needed some help on the bosses, though i'm pretty sure i could've killed them solo with patience. Hopefully this place drops radial gems, Lower Loran only dropped waxing gems... Got a cool bolt abyssal waxing gem though.
It certainly feels like it's supposed to be more difficult. But yeah, radial gems drop here pretty frequently
I need help with this dungeon. Last achievement for platinum. I am only level 247.
Is there anyone who can help me? Im level 100
Hello I can