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No real need to face his minions at all. Left corridor, shuriken on shielded guy. Wait till he also is alarmed. Sneak back, gravel hook on the rock on the left of the npc. Only he will come for you. Fight him in the water alongside npc. Found the fight to be quite easy then. On the way up to his area you should also clean out the archers.


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One very reliable method for me was: 1) Take out all random mobs around the perimeter one by one. I started thinning the herd from the left and working my way to the back of the area, then killing the shielded mob. 2) Might need to do some running around and hiding, waiting for enemies to reset, then picking one off again and repeating the until only Juzou the Fatass is alone. 3) I didn't enlist the NPC, but feel free to do so. 4) Throw oil at him, then blast the miniboss with Flame Vent (can be found earlier in Hirata Estate level, in a bofire) 5) While he is engulfed in flames, hit him with your hardest hitting attacks. I used Whirlwind Slash and Ichimonji) 6) Rinse and repeat. It is advisable to do steps 4-5 when he is coating his blade with poison or spitting it. Super easy to sidestep that, since it has such a long wind up.
I also prefer the hit and run tactic until the enemies are thinned out. But I'm usually not resetting enemies - I use sprinting and the sprint attack a lot to save time. For the boss: you can just keep sprinting while in lock-on. So you sprint around him, coming near to him to trigger an attack, keep sprinting away to avoid it and once his pretty obvious attack pattern ends you sprint in and do the great 360° hit sekiro does when sprinting to chip away some health. If he does his longer animations (drinking, puking) you can follow up some more hits. Once you know his patterns more - you can go on more offensivly. Once his health is down to a third - stop sprinting and fight normal to kill his poisture... or if you're scared: keep sprinting till he's dead =) Did him first try solo this way without using a health pot. It's also quite fast.
I found out a way to do it without taking damage, just make Juzou follow you behind the left side of the building, there's a dead ending road without anything but a little step with a U form around a fire, jump on this step and Juzou won't follow you but He will stay just in front of this step doing nothing until you hit him, then the strategy is to hit him and retreat to avoid the attach, repeat until you take off all his life and do the finishing blow :) i hope you understand because i'm not english native...
Did the same :D
this is also an easy way to "Exploiting Juzou's AI" as soon as you cross that tree barrier you can reset him and just follow to get 1 of the deathblows dealt instantly
Any tips for beating him in Purification ending? Mainly i have troubles with that ninja guy that stacks poison on you and chases you to death.
Use Gachiin Sugar then try and take the archer close to the rock or and purple guy out first, then de-aggro Juzou if he starts chasing you, then run to the east side of the pond.
Delay whistle with the Ministry ninja targeted to the weeds in the water. Stealth kill/Puppet him. then Shuriken the archers while the other two fight.
My 50 cents Kill all the mobs, then lock on Juzou and keep running all time, just let him do his attacks, no need to dodge/jump, just run away from him, but keep in reasonable distance, when he begins to drink, close up and give him few slashes (2 - 3), rince and repeat. While he's about 1/3 of health, he'll stop drinking, but you can attack him after his hard attacks when he leaves his sword in the ground or you can unload all your shurikens into him, which should be enough for first health bar. Then do it again, as his movement doesn't change (and he'll start drinking again). I beat him on the first try (it took me a while "inventing" this tactic so I almost die there) which is unbelievable because I totally sucks on all other bosses.
If you have to fight him in the 2nd bell memory to get the purification ending, kill the guys in the room on the left, stealth kill the other two grunts. Aggro juzuo and the samurai guy you can eavesdrop on to the water area, when the stop following you stealth kill the samurai, which will aggro juzuo. Then go back to the water and wait unti juzuo stops following you. Backstab juzuo. Use your shuriken to get his health down to roughly 25 percent. Use the ceremonial tanto to get more spirit emblems and hit him with as many shuriken as you can. To finish him off toss fist fulls of ash in his face and get in free hits. Worked on new game plus pretty easily.
the ultimate cheese lmao, me likey 10/10
You can just run around him in circles, keeping distance and getting few hits in when he starts drinking and then some more when he starts breathing poison on his sword. He does not cancel those two actions, so you can easily get half or even full combo each time, taking away huge chunks of his HP. Honestly, second time you get to him (or third, if you count Mibu Sameface) it puts into perspective just how much you've learned about combat in this game since that first time you encountered him and he looked so hard you had to double-team him with the NPC.
people are talking about strats to kill him and i'm just like: "Did anybody notice his HUGE BALLS DURING STOMP ATTACK??"



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Turn the grunts into puppets and watch the chaos unfold.
It's easy really. Lure all of his soldiers towards you and kill them before fighting him. Just run away if he gets aggroed. When you've killed them all, sneak up behind Juzou and deathblow him, and then you run towards Nogami Gensai, skip all his dialogue and start fighting Juzou.
This guy is easy. I beat him the first time I tried without sneak attack him first. Just keep running around .
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